Guidewire Cloud offers a scalable SaaS model by increasing cost transparency and reducing operational costs, and increasing ROI. Every business enterprise aims to implement and deploy solutions that ensure higher benefits and lower costs. The same is true of Guidewire implementations, especially Guidewire Cloud, which enables seamless setting up of claims, policy administration, and billing. The question is how to leverage Guidewire Cloud and all its features.

Features of Guidewire Cloud

Guidewire Cloud is a platform ideally suited to digital transformation, and Insurance companies can leverage the InsuranceSuite to take innovation to a new level. Not only can they innovate new insurance products, they can also do it faster to market. Guidewire Cloud is in a perfect position to enable automatic upgrades and maintenance. The following features empower the Insurance lifecycle:

  • Insurance agent/ broker portal
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Claims management services
  • Customer portal
  • Policy administration and management
  • Underwriting
  • Reinsurance administration

Guidewire InsuranceSuite has a unified dashboard with automated claims, policy, and billing centers. The data analytics provide actionable insights and empowers digital processing by streamlining and simplifying the business processes to meet customer expectations. The dashboard offers a user-friendly interface to manage all policy-related data. The policy center helps analyze customer requirements and offers customer quotes and recommendations. The entire process can be tracked through the dashboard, from inquiry to billing. You can send policy documents and have them signed with their KYC through this platform. Processing claims has never been more straightforward.

Moreover, the customer-centric platform enables enhanced customer engagement through personalization and the ability to add new functionalities as and when required. The data-driven insights help underwriters and agents to increase their sales and make faster decisions, increasing customer loyalty by the speed of their service delivery. Furthermore, Guidewire Cloud can be implemented with the help of Guidewire consulting services reducing operational costs and maintenance resources.

Guidewire Cloud implementation and consulting services

Engaging with Guidewire consultants can help implement a complete range of Guidewire cloud-native solutions without taking on the task yourself. You can avoid taking on additional IT resources with certified Guidewire professionals. Outsourcing your insurance software needs can also leave you free to focus on what matters most – developing new products and adding business value to improve ROI. A robust Guidewire Cloud services company offers the following services:

  • Gathering requirements
  • As-is and to-be analysis
  • Planning
  • Migration readiness and assessment
  • Architecture
  • Development and testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and support

Guidewire Cloud implementation consultants offer domain experience, in-house tools, and accelerators to help insurance companies make the most of Guidewire solutions, including Cloud lifecycle management and governance framework. The right technology partner with Guidewire insurance platform can serve enterprises of all sizes well with their digital services, testing, infrastructure, and application support.

Engaging the services of Guidewire Cloud implementation partners can customize Guidewire solutions to suit your business needs, regardless of whether you are an insurer, intermediary, or InsurTech. They offer

  • A digital insurance ecosystem to expand their network
  • AI/ML-driven analytics
  • Self-service portals to enhance customer experience
  • AI-enabled risk analysis to drive business profitability
  • Automated underwriting solutions and claims processing to improve operational efficiency.
  • Ensure regional and state compliance
  • Availability, scalability, and security

Aspire Systems is one such Guidewire Cloud services provider that ensures a streamlined and smooth digital transformation to develop and implement the A – Z of InsuranceSuite and more. As for the business benefits from Aspire’s expertise:

  • Enabled future growth through increased flexibility and scalability
  • Quick process changes and faster time to market
  • Optimization of infrastructure usage
  • Simplified the disaster recovery process and reduced costs of disaster recovery
  • Lower TCO with predictability and cost transparency


The business benefits can be immense, and the investment in Guidewire Cloud consulting services will be well worth it. More often, P&C insurers are held back because IT departments are already overloaded and unable to execute new initiatives. The differentiators you offer can strengthen your position in the market, and delays in innovation or new product releases can impact your business growth.

Cloud technologies have proved to be the most suitable enabler for eliminating low-value tasks. Automation and AI/ ML help eliminate routine, repetitive tasks and empower insurers and intermediaries so they can focus on their initiatives and expand their product base. Additional benefits include new opportunities, improved business processes, and the drive to higher ROI.

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