Staying competitive is not just an advantage, it is a necessity in the ever-evolving insurance industry. Insurers worldwide constantly seek innovative solutions for streamlined processes and service that sets them apart from peers. Embracing Cloud solutions to rejuvenate the businesses – to ensure faster time to market, lower operating costs, build resiliency and open doors for advanced technological capabilities – has been in focus in the insurance sector. While insurance software giants have come up with products such as Guidewire Cloud Platform to help insurers with smoother migration, going a step further with Cloud customizations and enhancements is vital to still be in play for insurance top-spot.  

An example would be the uniqueness and efficiency enhancements offered by the customizable Guidewire Jutro Digital Platform that’s available in the market. This platform seamlessly aligns with your business goals and technological objectives, elevating efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction in one go.  

Let’s delve deeper into the enhancement to see what unique features sets the Guidewire Jutro Digital Platform a rung above the rest. 

More about Guidewire Jutro Digital Platform

The Guidewire Jutro Digital Platform, also known as Guidewire JDP, is a fully integrated development platform seamlessly connected to Guidewire’s Cloud Platform and P&C core applications. The customizable Guidewire Digital Platform offers superior user experience (UX) than the out-of-the-box version. 

What sets the customizable Guidewire Digital apart is its ready-to-use content, enabling your team to construct unique and engaging digital experiences swiftly. This includes catering to any user, line of business, or distribution channel, all while reducing development cycles and enhancing flexibility. 

Opting for customization over the out-of-the-box Guidewire JDP comes with distinct advantages.  

By harnessing the capabilities of the customizable Guidewire Digital platform, you can tap into a range of exclusive advantages that are tailored to meet your specific business needs and objectives.  

Be it elevating user experience, streamlining operational processes, or establishing a competitive edge in the market, the customizable Guidewire Jutro Digital Platform empowers your business setting it apart within the digital landscape with: 

  • 67% less manual work: Reduction in long processes and the reliance on manual processes translates to a remarkable 67% decrease in manual work, freeing up your team to focus on more strategic and high-impact tasks.
  • 33% decrease in operational costs: It is designed not just for efficiency but also for cost-effectiveness. Experience a substantial 33% decrease in operational costs as it optimizes processes, minimizes redundancies, and enhances overall resource utilization.
  • 40% increase in customer satisfaction: Elevate your customer experience to new heights and benefit from up to 40% increase in customer satisfaction as streamlined processes, faster response times, self-service options and enhanced service quality become the new standard for your business.
  • 3X faster portal development: Traditional approaches to portal development can be time-consuming and cumbersome, with months of work for such branding, UX customizations before go-live. The customizable Guidewire Digital solution comes with game-changing speed advantage where the portal development is 3 times faster than traditional methods, taking you to the market ahead of everyone else. demands.  

Tailored Guidewire Digital solutions go beyond mere promises – as these figures illustrate. Achieving a skillful customization of the Guidewire JDP for your business, is best left to Guidewire partners and Guidewire implementation experts. 

Aspire Systems is a recognized Guidewire Consulting Select Partner with extensive experience in Guidewire implementations and insurance digital transformations. We can help you with a Guidewire JDP customization that best matches your business goals.