We have reached that time of the year when everyone is getting ready to make life-changing resolutions. The B2B world is no different. From the biggest boardroom to the smallest cubicle, many are busy coming up with New Year resolutions that positively impact the way they contribute to their respective enterprise’s performance.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must be aware that digital transformation has grown from being a buzzword into a serious contender for the most universally accepted organizational priority. The digital age is uncompromising in its expectation of enterprise-wide adoption of rapidly emerging technologies.

With over 9000 customers and counting, Dell Boomi certainly has been at the forefront for anyone looking to maximize their digital transformation initiatives.

Since it is the beginning of the end of a decade, let’s look at 5 New Year resolutions that you, as a Dell Boomi user, should make to ensure a great start to the beginning of a new one.

Resolution #1

Hybrid IT environments are here to stay – strike the perfect balance

You can unlock the potential of digital transformation initiatives once you come to terms with the fact that it is an ongoing process, not a one-time activity. As outdated as some of your legacy systems may be, they are still crucial since they cannot be replaced without incurring major downtimes or big-time expenses. Hence, this New Year – make a resolution to build and strengthen a thriving hybrid IT environment so that your legacy systems can work with modern applications and infuse the power of analytics into huge volumes of data.

How you can do it:

Boomi AtomSphere is a lightweight platform, single-instance, and multi-tenant platform that comes without any excess baggage. It simply connects all your applications, on the cloud/SaaS/on-premise, without the need for costly hardware or cumbersome coding tasks. Designed for reliability and scalability, Boomi AtomSphere can simultaneously handle the most basic integration requirements while meeting complex integration demands.

  • Leverage dedicated environments for advanced testing
  • Enhance load balancing and deliver high availability
  • Ensure parallel processing to accelerate slow integration flows
  • Harness native message queuing
  • Reduce development times and improve workforce efficiency

Resolution #2

Future-readiness is a partnership – build a thriving ecosystem

If there is anything the past decade has taught us, it is that there is no doubt about the vital role of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the digital world. By enabling the flow of business-critical information between enterprises and trading partners, EDI solutions help you scale your business quickly and securely. However, along with the addition of trade partners, several challenges may crop up relating to large volumes, end-to-end visibility, data security, and cloud-based integration.

How you can do it:

Boomi Electronic Data Interchange enables you to effortlessly communicate with your trading partners while quickly onboarding new partners with industry-standard connectivity. You can seamlessly exchange business data with your partners – that too, without any software installation. With Boomi EDI, you get to build a centralized environment to monitor EDI transactions, provide scalability, and manage multiple partners who use different EDI standards (x12, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet or Tradacoms).

  • Get more visibility and control over critical data
  • Manage all partner components from a single console
  • Create a unified view of partner network transactions
  • Enable comprehensive security and authentication processes

Resolution #3

Low-code your way into maximizing operational efficiency

Your organizational workflows are the lifelines of your business processes. With this decade’s technology advancements, workflow integration has emerged as a real game changer.  But many still struggle to create a structured approach that not only connects all the bases but also effectively utilizes a set of pre-defined and industry-specific enterprise components. What better New Year resolution to make, as a Dell Boomi user, than to automate and accelerate organizational efficiency through low-code workflows?

How you can do it:

Boomi Flow is a cutting-edge, cloud-native service for automating simple and complex workflows while increasing process adoption through seamless user experiences. With Boomi Flow, you can do away with manual interventions and hard coding and use low-code development to make workflow integration tremendously easy for developers and leaders. The best part is that you can bring together disparate teams in your organization and fuel cross-functional collaboration efficiency.

  • Build and customize workflow applications with drag and drop editing tools
  • Distribute workflow applications to run on the cloud or on any device/platform/channel
  • Meet customer demand and strengthen workforce performance
  • Create unique customer and employee journeys

Resolution #4

Lay the API-led foundation for achieving digital milestones

As you know, APIs are the building blocks of digital transformation. It has seen widespread adoption – right from its limited connectivity capabilities earlier this decade to its unparalleled micro-service acceleration in 2019 and beyond. But, as with all good things, there are burgeoning challenges that stunt their prowess – from putting the right infrastructure in place to finding suppliers and providing controlled access for data, internally and externally. While you may not be able to accurately predict the multi-dimensional directions that APIs are heading towards, you can certainly be sure of what you can do today to harness their true power

How you can do it:

Boomi API Management helps you build an enterprise-wide strategy to support the full lifecycle of APIs in your hybrid environment. You can easily create new APIs with code-free development tools and deploy them, at your convenience, without compromising on internal security or authentication regulations. Boomi API Management gets you on the fast-track to expose real-time integrations, enforce contracts and policies through a gateway, and monitor the overall API health with easy-to-understand dashboards.

  • Quickly create and publish endpoints for accelerated time-to-market
  • Deliver memorable customer, partner, and developer experiences
  • Restrict data access by role on-premise, in the cloud, or on the edge
  • Grow and scale APIs and Web Services with centralized lifecycle management

Resolution #5

It’s data science, not rocket science – take the power back

The sheer amount of data that passes through your multiple sources can be staggering. In fact, it can be overwhelming to ensure consistency and accuracy across every data source in order to prevent potential disasters. Taking control is easier said than done, though. Without a Master Data Hub, you are likely to face manual redundancies, process errors, and inconsistencies that ultimately lead to bad customer and employee experiences. So, how do you work around these issues? That is where our penultimate Dell Boomi resolution for 2020 comes in.

How you can do it:

Boomi Master Data Hub is a cloud-native master data management (MDM) solution to centralize the multiple siloed data sources within your organization. By using this scalable, flexible, and secure master data management hub as a service, you can model, match, synchronize, cleanse, and enrich data across all your business systems. You no longer will be bogged down by the hassles of data management. With Boomi Master Data Hub, you can realize immediate ROI while lowering the cost of ownership.

  • Gain a 360-degree view across products, employees, and customers
  • Enable bidirectional process flows in real-time to break down data silos
  • Utilize a low-code approach to modeling master data entities
  • Create rules to alert employees and help them resolve duplicates and fix errors

Happy Digital Transforming in 2020

As a Dell Boomi user, you probably already know that it has recently been the talk of the town. From its announcement to acquire Unifi Software Inc to being ranked as a Market Leader by Ovum, a major data-driven analyst and consultancy firm, this 100% native cloud and low-code iPaaS platform has been steadily gaining momentum. After all, there are infinite possibilities on one single platform. Knowing when to start, along with what to capitalize upon, are as crucial as understanding the importance of adopting the platform itself.

Aspire Systems, as one of the few Dell Boomi global certified system integrators, has a proven track record of empowering customers to get the most out of their Boomi iPaaS platform. We have made a name for ourselves by using industry-best integration practices to connect their business and drive digital transformation.

We hope that through this blog, you will be able to align Dell Boomi’s latest capabilities with your organization’s business objectives. We also hope that this year has been great for you, and we wish you continued success in your digital transformation initiatives using Dell Boomi in 2020!

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