One of the reasons why you have landed on this blog is that you might be using Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or other legacy middleware platform and are spending a fortune to maintain the monolithic architecture to support your integration needs. But even after spending your time and effort, you still find that your middleware platform is not as fast and agile as you expect and doesn’t support your current hybrid IT environment.

If you’re looking for a faster and agile integration, the best upgrade is to move to a cloud integration solution provider like Dell Boomi which is built on a multi-tenant architectural platform and provides the most scalable and efficient integration between cloud, SaaS and on-premise systems.

Why Dell boomi is the right choice for you organization?

Simple cloud architectural platform:

If you are an ESB user who face difficulties accessing every application and database then Boomi’s unified integration platform provides you easy access to every device and application regardless of on-premise, cloud or a combination of both. ESB users face a complex architecture for on-premise and SaaS based integration which limits it to only on-premise integration services. This problem is minimized with the help of Dell boomi which move, manage & govern data across enterprise from a single platform supporting all combination of integration between cloud, SaaS & on-premise systems.

Deployment at a rapid pace:

Boomi eliminates the need for any on-premise infrastructure making it preferable over ESB services. The drag-and-drop interface streamlines integration, which eliminates the need for coding and makes it possible to be deployed in weeks, days or even in hours.

Easier upgrades:

The cloud-native infrastructure which Boomi provides helps the users take a greater advantage of cloud services since there aren’t any on-premise hardware or complex installations involved so integrations can be done immediately. The installation of new software & bug patches are done automatically in Dell boomi which takes the burden off of IT resources and ensures there are no issues with upgrades.

Connects emerging technologies:

IoT and machine learning technology has been on the rise recently due to its machine-to-machine (M2M) communication which allows machines or physical devices to get connected with other devices and communicate easily in a network. Although ESBs were designed to provide HTTP, MQTT and other protocol support, they were not designed to support IoT/ Machine Learning/ Block Chain. If you are an ESB user looking for some serious upgrades to a platform that supports all kinds of emerging technologies, then Dell Boomi is your right choice.

Pay-as-you-go subscriptions:

Boomi supports pay-as-you-go subscriptions to customers, which makes you pay for just what you need when you need it. There are no hidden or obscure costs to the customers, which makes it cost efficient, hence providing cost optimization to enterprises. The license cost for ESB is very high because of maintenance of multiple instances which Boomi eliminates.

Smart analytics & diagnostics:

ESB users face a complex integration with external queuing applications for enhanced message handling capabilities. This has been made easy in Dell Boomi that provides application monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting making it a smart & diagnostic iPaaS platform. Users have a dashboard view to monitor & manage data, integration and analytics in a single platform.

Customer satisfaction:

Boomi has always believed in the term ‘customer obsession’ and has always been working to provide the best cloud services to customers. With over 7000 large & midsize organizations as customers, Boomi today is the most preferred iPaaS vendor and a global leader in the cloud integration space.

Aspire systems, the Global Select Partners of Dell Boomi helps enterprises simplify their integration challenges using Dell Boomi. Aspire Systems has built a cloud integration framework (AURAS) for Dell Boomi to speed-up integration projects for the customers. AURAS provides industry-specific integration solution for retail, manufacturing, food and beverage, hospitality, insurance and other verticals. Enterprises now no longer need to start from scratch, instead, they can utilize the framework’s best-of-breed principles and best practices in service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Boomi API management to speed up integration and innovation.

To see how our Cloud Integration Framework (AURAS) works, please drop a mail to [email protected]

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