Ooredoo is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunication service providers with a huge global customer base of over 115 million. They needed to stay true to the connectivity-first mindset that serves to expand their growth potential beyond their core connectivity business. As paradoxical as it sounds, it turned out that connectivity within their enterprise or the lack of it, in this case, proved to be an area ripe for improvement.

With mobility and hyper-connectivity defining today’s digital-savvy customer, a cardinal rule for customer engagement is to connect the customer persona across multiple channels. Connected business transformation was imperative to better engage with customers and develop smart, automated business models in order to stay on the trajectory for continued growth. Delving deeper, Ooredoo faced several challenges because its telecom systems that included various service units like mobile, broadband, activation/deactivation, and customer service worked in silos and threw up difficulties in communicating and cooperating across the business units. As a result, Ooredoo was looking for a unified CRM integration solution for increased customer experience and satisfaction.

Driving Integrated Customer Engagement Across Channels

Today’s customers expect personalized and hassle-free interactions with their queries resolved at the drop of a hat. Strong customer care cannot be built without a connected customer experience ingrained into the enterprise vision. To facilitate building the integration solution, Aspire came up with a middleware framework called AURAS (Aspire Unified Reference Architecture Solution) which is Aspire’s value-added accelerator solution for the WSO2 platform with several key entities like WSO2’s ESB, API Manager, Identity Server among others.

Aspire Unified Reference Architecture (AURAS) is a middleware framework with out of the box features for exception handling, notification, persistence, auditing, rules, connectivity and some of the utility functions often used across every project. It is bolstered by the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator that is the backbone to manage heterogeneous integrations across Ooredoo’s infrastructure and assured seamless deployment with enhanced security features. Effectively, this saved development efforts by up to 30%.

This accelerator solution enabled Ooredoo’s customer care unit to receive a 360-degree view of their customers so that they have sufficient information about their customers to promote customized offers and in turn improve their customer engagement and retention zones.

Delivering Satisfaction with Connected Customer Experiences

Aspire’s solution expertise and commitment towards Ooredoo exceeded the expectations of their customers.  It was a nexus of a superior technology integration and business collaboration that built trust into every customer interaction for high customer satisfaction. There is great scope for future integration solution services for all their business units spread across geographies.

Amidst all intensive co-ordinations, dependencies, sync-ups and requirement iterations, Aspire Systems ensured that the team delivered on strong customer integration that improved operational efficiencies by up to 60% without any upfront investments.

Essentially, all it took was one accelerator to drive connected business transformation and transform Customer Engagement in the process.

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