Do you know what it takes to win the Customer and delivering a customer experience that your competitors can’t match?

We at Aspire Systems have provided the answer, “Producteering”, to the companies across the globe by winning the 3rd prize in the Watts Humphrey 2012 competition conducted recently by SPIN Chennai. The theme of the competition was “Customer Centricity”. The award is devised based on the best practices spanning across requirement elicitation practices, enhancing customer involvement in product development, delivering products through innovative methodologies, building customer centric culture, measuring and improving customer satisfaction and co-creation with customers.

Aspire was short listed as one of the top 10 participants for presenting about “Producteering”, our software development approach, amongst some of the leading IT organizations like Infosys, HCL, Cognizant and Polaris. Aspire bagged the third place for its “Producteering” best practice. In addition to this, we have also been selected for presenting the “Producteering” best practice in the upcoming SPICON 2012 event which will be around July/August.

On a brief note, Produceteering is a software development approach  keeping in mind the core practices related to requirements development, functional design, code construction, integration, project estimation and so on. It follows the basic engineering ground rules to ensure the product is neither under or over-engineered. The four key tenets of Producteering are: Principles, Practices, People and Platforms.

Congratulations to Janaki Jayachandran, Practice Manager – Producterring, SaaS/Cloud Specialization for bringing home this prestigious award. For any questions, please drop me an email at: [email protected]Webinar