UX Best Practices for Digital Experience

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving as the primary focus of businesses considers user experience as a crucial element of web and application tasks. This is because with trillions of web pages and millions of applications available, your brand stands out of the crowd only when you deliver a seamless user experience.

In a digital ecosystem where brand reputations are ruled by their ability to connect with users over a myriad of devices and channels, it only takes less than a second for visitors to form an impression about your website or application.

Today’s UX Design

User experience by itself has achieved a whole new dimension especially because of the prominent shift towards human-centered approach or customer-centric experience. UX design has evolved more than just colors and design patterns. Studies show that 75% of users qualify your company’s credibility based on your website design. And when it comes to today’s website design, there is a whole package of countless key factors like visual design, speed, performance, navigation, quality content, responsivity and more. This makes it all the more challenging for businesses to meet the rising demands of today’s digital users because of technological influence and their ability to quickly find alternative brands and reach your competitor in no time.

Aspire’s UX Design Approach

Unlike a decade ago, the technology developers or the core developers are no longer responsible for the UI design mostly because they are less equipped to handle non-functional requirements. There are plenty of reasons why you should have a dedicated UI design team to handle the UX for your projects, one of which being spending 10% of your development budget on usability should improve your conversion rate by 83%.

For this purpose, Aspire follows a 7-step unique UI design strategy. This UI design workflow covers all the major touchpoints that encompasses a user-centered design.

Our Webinar

The third episode of our webinar on Is Bootstrap a silver bullet for digital experience talks about the UX best practices for digital experience. For delivering top notch digital experience, the webinar discusses about Aspire’s UX design workflow which helps companies to systematically approach UX design. The webinar also discusses about dos and don’ts before you go live with your website or application.

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