According to Research and Markets, the global retail industry is estimated to reach $28 trillion by 2019. Digitization, changing market trends and customer behavior force retailers to deliver commerce anytime and anywhere. Oracle Retail’s Merchandise Operations Management (MOM) is a complete suite of integrated retail solutions that help retailers to successfully manage, control and seamlessly execute their merchandising operations that involve allocation, inventory matching, invoice and trade management, sales, analytics and more.

Oracle’s MOM is a solution for retailers who truly understand today’s market demand to rely on an agile platform to conveniently streamline their required processes and achieve a connected customer experience.

Addressing exclusive retail challenges

In order to function smoothly and have an unparalleled commerce experience, retailers face different kinds of challenges. Oracle Retail MOM offers solutions to address pain points that retailers encounter on a daily basis.

  • Automated health checks

Errors, however minor, should be detected in the early stages as they could pose major threats in the future. This is the reason why Oracle recommends periodic and daily health checks to ensure retailers to smoothly perform their merchandise operations.

Oracle retail MOM performs automatic health checks to verify, examine and perform integration health checks on the database in response to any critical error. It helps to detect file corruptions, monitor batch status and FTP server, and even generates findings reports and recommendations for solving various cases.

  • Application server monitoring

Application performance is one of the most common problems that retailers face where the scope of severity is high mostly because they are identified and reported by end-users. Using Oracle Retail MOM, retailers can effortlessly monitor the performance of their application server.

The user-friendly dashboard allows administrators to easily diagnose the cause of low performance and be able to proactively fix them before end-users. Not only that, they can also monitor and view various application server metrics, CPU consumption, response time and even view log events of the application server.

  • Sales monitoring

Sales monitoring and management can be the biggest pain point for a retailer especially when the accuracy of point-of-sale information is compromised. During trickle polling process, in the absence of FTP connectivity and when the store is offline the data can be lost or posted late which is affecting the inventory data.

Aspire offers better monitoring solutions in the form of scheduled emails where Application Management Team (AMT) will take charge in investigating stores that missed out on sending or receiving updates and notifying them with the same.

Aspire proves to provide a complete merchandising operations solutions package where retailers can ensure business agility by gaining ultimate visibility.