The rising customer demands push retailers to adopt futuristic technologies so that their employees can successfully cope up with the changing retail landscape. But in reality, regardless of the technologies and expenditures, it’s important for retailers to continually re-evaluate and monitor the health of different systems in terms of sales, upsell/cross sell, inventory management, system performance, and other salient attributes. By doing this, you

  • Figure out your priorities,
  • Improve strategies,
  • Recognize business opportunities and
  • Achieve effective store management

How Xstore Enables Retail Execution and Monitoring

Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service features a flexible, robust and powerful point-of-sale software solution for today’s retailers to empower them to easily perform detailed evaluation of their retail strategies and manage their business processes from the point-of-sale.

Deployment Monitoring

Through deployment monitoring, employees can troubleshoot applications, updates and fix deployment errors successfully. It ensures that there are no missing products and pricing differences across various channels thereby helping retailers to maintain and contribute to the reliability, availability and overall performance, and status of application.

To top it all, Aspire developed a ‘Self Help Issue Resolution’ feature that helps retailers resolve deployment monitoring issues on their own. This solution makes retailers self-sufficient to handle cases that needs urgent attention rather than being dependent on technical resources.

Register (POS terminal)

Xstore simplifies the complexities and confusions around recording and tracking customer transactions. Xstore has a database backup feature that backs up customer data on a daily basis. This feature helps retailers to retrieve any data loss as recent as yesterday because Aspire continually monitors this back up process to ensure data is updated and is always available.

In case of any failure, Aspire’s proactive monitoring will quickly update the IT team to fix the issue and also takes steps to ensure that the incident doesn’t repeat through Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Transaction Sync and Inventory Sync

Transaction and inventory integration is an efficient method of optimizing inventory management that boosts inventory visibility and ensures financial integrity of a business. Aspire facilitates a 360 degree monitoring across the various touchpoints between inventory and transaction to the financial records.

For instance, Xstore to SIM (store inventory management) monitoring provides us the sales and inventory data that are updated in SIM; Xstore to xcenter monitoring shows us that there are no missing transactions in Xcenter from Xstore; xcenter to RSA monitoring ensures that all the transactions from the store are recorded in ReSA (Retail Sales Audit).

Application and Sales Monitoring

Application and sales monitoring involves identifying, tracking and optimizing sales data including the number of transactions, inventory updates, total amount etc. The sales monitoring should ensure that none of the sales information is missed and the financial records match accurately.

Xstore to Xcenter relationship focusses on monitoring the number of transactions wherein Xstore to SIM takes care of the inventory and sales updates. Xcenter to RSA takes the responsibility of monitoring the number of sales and the total amount and Xcenter to SIM is in charge of the information across sales vs inventory.

With Oracle Retail Xstore, retailers can reduce considerable amount of time in retrieving accurate sales data as the network layer is continually monitored for any possible downtimes. For the management, there is transparency across sales, stores and inventory which provide 90% accuracy. With real-time connectivity and drawing information across various channels, Xstore delivers a high level of automation that saves time and increases data accuracy.