Banking Automation

Disrupting the Disruption in Banking with Test Automation

Today’s economic and competitive landscape is making the status quo unsustainable for the banking world. Additionally, the macroeconomic plummet brought along by the pandemic continues to burden the industry’s bottom line, with very little anticipation…

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Robots at Banks, A Closer Look, A Deeper Perspective

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a true genius that’s present itself in the form of technological advancements in this decade. The fact that RPA drives relationships is beyond doubt, through the numerous studies that research…

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5 Things Banks can learn about RPA from our webinar with Automation Anywhere

Aspire Systems and Automation Anywhere collaborated to present “Unravelling the Bot Mystery for Banks with Automation Anywhere”, on October 1st, a webinar showcasing the Banks’ need for RPA and cognitive automation. It was an insightful…

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