continuous integration and continuous delivery

From Idea to Deployment: How trunk-based development enables rapid innovation

When it comes to managing software development, there are many different approaches to choose from. One such approach is trunk-based development (TBD), which is becoming increasingly popular among development teams. TBD is an approach where…

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How to Build a CI/CD Pipeline in Azure?

Azure DevOps by Microsoft Azure is one of the premier tools that automates continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) process and supports automatic build and code projects to make them readily available for others.  In this blog,…

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8 DevOps CI/CD Best Practices to Ensure Business Success

DevOps is a way of work involving people, technologies, and processes to meet, if not exceed customer expectations. In a DevOps lifecycle, teams are focused on delivering value in a safe, quick, and repeatable manner,…

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