devops trends

How serverless computing in DevOps impacts the IT landscape

Organizations around the world spend huge amounts of time and money in innovating technologies and improving application performance. Time may fly but technology is here to stay and managing applications is definitely a task. That’s…

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Top trends of DevOps in 2020: The next ‘Big Thing’ in business

The DevOps market is all set to hit a growth rate of 24% approximately yielding USD 10.3 billion by 2023. Due to growing need for fast application delivery with high quality, there is a high…

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What are the top DevOps trends to watch out for in 2018?

The year 2017, declared by Forrester as the year of DevOps, was important for the movement. Throughout the year, many organizations picked up on DevOps implementation in parts or as whole and at the end,…

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