Managed cloud service provider

What are cloud managed services? Strategic IT partnerships to maximize your cloud value

In the ever-evolving IT landscape, the trajectory of cloud managed services speaks volumes. In 2019, the global market stood at $46.50 billion. Today, industry analysts project an impressive ascent to $129.26 billion by 2027 and…

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How to choose the right cloud migration strategy for your business

Your cloud migration strategy can make or break your cloud transformation. At least 50% of cloud migration projects end up exceeding their budgets and worse, up to 70% fail miserably, reports said. Choosing the right…

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Make the most of your cloud experience with an AWS cloud managed service partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is among the most popular cloud platform and is known to be the most comprehensive. Businesses, irrespective of their size, have cloud computing as an integral part of their functioning. Even…

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