retail testing framework

How to Effectively Test Ecommerce Platforms (Shopify) for Enhanced Customer Experience

There are several e-commerce platforms available and choosing the right one becomes a tedious job. Among the top platforms, Shopify has been growing exponentially mainly because it is easy to start, manage, and keep growing…

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An Ideal Testing Strategy That Can Help Retailers Save Time and Money

Introduction Retail industry is always the booming sector because of the increasing power of the consumers. Growing technology trends have taken customer experience to a different level due to which consumer expectations have changed. Also,…

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Reasons Why Retail Test Automation Framework is Key to Enhance Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA) Implementation

Why Retailers choose Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA)?  Salesforce Reference Architecture gives a blueprint of best practices on how a retail or eCommerce website must be designed and built with an avenue for customizations. It is…

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