Do you know what are the basic components involved in building any automobile? Chassis, being one of the most important parts, holds and supports the entire vehicle. In fact, in any vehicle, it is like a skeleton in living organisms. Chassis is a ‘ready to run’ frame that connects the other parts such as the engine, transmission, axles, tires, and all the other systems attached to it that are mandatory to run a vehicle.

Wondering what is the relation between a chassis and a test automation service? Imagine your software application as a vehicle and think of the major things that comprise of to perform successfully. Isn’t a quality check mandate? In order to give that assurance to the end-users, you need to validate your app before it’s delivered. A test automation strategy and framework are all you need to build and deliver any seamless application. As pioneers in the field of testing services, we introduce Hyper-Testing, an agile and unified approach towards designing and executing a test strategy that covers end-to-end testing. With this home-grown advanced testing strategy, you can proficiently perform test automation by harnessing the best of breed tools and techniques while optimizing cost and effort.

Saucecon 2020

AFTA – The Chassis

Chassis is the rigid structure that forms a skeleton or frame in an automobile onto which every other part of the machinery is bolted and attached. The major result of using the chassis is a lightweight automobile that can resist the enormous downward-acting forces that are produced as the vehicle moves through the air. Like the chassis which is the basic frame of any vehicle, AFTA, Aspire’s Framework for Test Automation acts as a catalyst with Hyper-Testing to induce the test automation process. This modernized framework addresses the challenges in test automation and helps organizations perform test automation right from the development phase to eliminate any last-minute error detection. The best part of AFTA and Hyper-Testing is that they are implemented with advanced functionalities using AI and ML components since they are the most transformative technology available today and it helps testing teams scale up their productivity in manifolds.

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Join us in this interactive and free virtual event to unveil the latest automation solutions and meet the automated testing experts across the globe. As a proud sponsor of this event, we are happy to inform you that our top Testing Expert, Srinivasan Sankar, Practice Manager – Digital Assurance will be giving a brief talk on the topic – Multi-Layered Test Automation Approach – What, Why, and How?

North & South America: May 12 & 13, 2020 8:30 am PDT

Europe & ROW: May 14, 2020 11:00 am BST

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