The growth of test automation framework in the past decade is enormous since organizations focus more on offering high-quality software applications and services to their customers for which automation is highly essential. This rising trend would not have been successful if it were not for the continuously evolving methodologies and techniques used to perform the automation. Because of its effective and promising solutions, test automation has become a crucial ingredient of the agile software development cycle. To be precise, test automation framework made it possible to accelerate development and roll out new versions quicker than earlier. While few technologies are aging and vanishing organizations must come up with solutions that can cope with the constantly occurring development issues and bug fixing. To stay ahead of the competitors and survive in the market is a great deal for organizations and they need to have comprehensive test automation strategies and methodologies.

Having discussed the various technologies that drive the future of the software testing industry it is now the time for us to know more about what a sound testing strategy should consist of. For any successful automated testing process, frameworks, which are a fusion of best practices and tools designed to boost the testing process is a mandate. These frameworks are quintessential for testing teams trying to optimize their agile processes since they can cut down maintenance costs and efforts and result in a higher return on investment. The springing ideology that testing earlier can minimize errors largely is substantiated by adopting these test automation frameworks for faster delivery to market.

As pioneers in the IT industry, Aspire Systems believes in providing cutting edge solutions to the customers to help them overcome the challenges of various service lines. Our test automation framework is nothing less of a complete open-source package that is user-friendly and portable. A well-designed and maintainable automation framework reduces complexity, brings flexibility and scales up the process of innovation. By leveraging the latest tools, accelerators, methodologies, and implementing best practices we ensure shorter cycle times and faster speed to market. Since our framework is based on the Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) model, it is an ideal silver bullet solution to overcome challenges of frequent code deploying resulting in inadequacy in testing for code quality. Read more about our homegrown test automation framework.

To learn more about the importance of implementing the right testing strategy and automation framework that helps in achieving increased test coverage and ROI, listen to our recent webinar on Enhancing QA Strategy to Achieve Quality Engineering. Our customer, Katie Kavanaugh (QA Director, Mansfield) briefly discussed the following:

  • What are the challenges her team faced in terms of manual testing
  • How the performance of the product declined after adding more services and functionality
  • How she chose our testing strategy solution when they badly needed the apt automation tools, framework, and solution
  • What was the result her QA team witnessed after implementing our solution

Vasanth Manickam (Technical Test Engineer, Aspire Systems) walked through the success journey and the following key takeaways:

  • Approach to handling quality through the right combination of Strategical and Tactical testing
  • How to leverage test automation to help the entire agile process
  • Continuous learning and proactive planning to minimize defects
  • Implementing continuous improvement and assurance for up to date Agile Program Framework
  • Case study and demonstration about leveraging a better testing strategy for Agile Quality Engineering

Missed our webinar? Here is your chance to watch our insightful webinar on how our promising testing solutions brought tremendous improvement and better results for our valuable customer.

Christina Sridhar

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