Student-centricity—that’s where the education sector is moving at a rapid pace. Educational institutions are in an urgent need to redesign learning models and align their strategies with student’s expectations of developing new-age skills. As students are more inclined towards flexible and digital methods of learning, it is of paramount importance to create a digital learning environment that facilitates digital courses, flexible classes, and interactive learning.

But historically, geography had presented challenges to access learning resources. Traditional classroom education had limited institutions that wanted to focus on initiatives to improve, diversify and stimulate innovation across the globe. The solution? Technology-powered learning! Digital learning is committed to promoting seamless learning and allowing learners to tap extensive resources.

On its downside, e-learning is a convoluted process. Over time, the size of the system grows large, impacting the speed, scalability, and performance. As more and more concurrent users try to utilizing computer resources at the same time, it poses a major threat for continued availability.

To ensure constant connectivity, mobility, and access to rich media anytime, education providers move to the cloud. Moving a single learning application to the cloud can seem easy. But taking a complicated web of on-premise resources—multiple databases, complex in-house data center products, and Terabytes of applications—to the cloud can negatively affect the entire ecosystem.

In order to support this high-impact migration, ensure performance efficiency, and value, robustly built performance testing is indispensable.

Why performance testing is vital for cloud-migrated resources? 

Seamless Performance

Although the cloud provides flexible accessibility, making sure cloud applications meet performance standards is immensely difficult. Application performance testing seeks to accommodate new business flows to increase the test coverage and maximize the performances.

When carefully designed and applied, performance testing can accelerate and amplify the capabilities of applications. When cloud application performance takes a hit, JMeter provides a powerful load testing that allows the testing teams to analyze the application’s response time and robustness.

Earliest Detection Of Performance Issues

The performance of a cloud-migrated application hinges on a solid testing plan that starts early. The first step is to maintain the existing test scripts. This quality check is important to ensure that the scripts remain viable for streamlined performance testing.

Developing and executing performance tests in a secondary environment before moving to actual testing is an effective way to arrest performance bottlenecks sooner. Testing teams can form an early resolution by discovering the scope of the problem, including the overall user impact and how often it occurs.

Consistent Reporting Of Application Performance 

Applications and business-critical resources that run on the cloud touch upon intricate interactions that are often difficult to measure. Although the traditional systems could gauge the performance information to some extent, they are incapable of catching the underlying bottlenecks.

Application performance testing helps educational institutions make a transition from reactive application performance monitoring to real-time observability of their cloud environments. The better visibility into the cloud-based functional resources and IT assets provides a strong framework to detect, diagnose and resolve issues.

Capture Key Performance Metrics

Cloud migration undoubtedly drives agility, savings, efficiency, and delivers enhanced customer experience. It allows educational institutions to more quickly deploy services and amplify value.  However, a lack of better visibility into system performance introduces a whole new set of challenges.

Metrics-driven performance testing pools your application data into one centralized space, discoverable by stakeholders. The highly interactive dashboards paint a real-time picture of performance testing and enable testers to identify performance issues in vibrant, organized ways.

Resilient And Flexible Cloud Testing With Aspire Systems

Aspire Systems provides fully optimized performance testing across cloud environments without the configuration overhead of legacy tools. We leverage tightly integrated toolsets and rich and customizable reporting to ensure comprehensive test coverage.

Our application performance testing services help you spot the application’s degradation points and when and how the app breaks down. The system can mimic true end-user experience, simulate user load on any system, and thus improve performance, even during heavy utilization.

Aspire, recently helped one of the largest media and educational companies to drive greater application speed and responsiveness. The company was taking its educational materials and business applications to the cloud landscape to ensure agile, always-on availability. The company was concerned about performance issues and performance degradation when migrating to the cloud.

We set up and deployed performance testing to increase speed, scalability, and overall application performance. With our streamlined performance testing and monitoring, we helped the educational institution achieve twice the amount of usual concurrent users and enabled them to monitor everything they need with one tool instead of many. Click the link below to know more about the technical details.

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