The global pandemic was not the only factor that impacted businesses and enterprises since the largest cybersecurity attacks happened in 2020. The impact was worse than ever as most of the organizations and enterprises rely on online mediums to carry out their businesses amidst the pandemic. Such phishing attacks resulted in poor business outcomes, customer retention, and user experience. As a result, many business leaders started to look for solutions and methods to improve their current state. The latest report by Forbes states that “50% of enterprises plan to spend more on AI and ML this year, with 20% saying they will be significantly increasing their budgets”. Eventually, to bounce back, advanced AI/ML-based solutions in terms of Quality Engineering (QE) are the way to go.

What Makes It Difficult For Enterprises And IT Companies to Deploy Quality Engineering?

Enterprises know clearly how implanting a successful QE strategy can create a huge impact on the product’s cost and quality, and the organization’s bottom line. Despite the fact that QE solutions can help enterprises to get back on track, it is not always possible.

Lack of Skills

The major reason behind this unsuccessful attempt is that not all companies have the required resource, skillset, or technology to carry out the testing activities.

Susceptible to Security Risks

Another fact is the kind of security threats and data breaches that can compromise the trust the customer has in these organizations. A secured testing platform is not always assured by these enterprises. In such cases, there is a high risk of security vulnerabilities.

Unlike other or conventional testing practices, Quality Engineering involves various testing activities like analyzing the product’s design, development, and manufacturing processes to enhance the product quality while identifying and rectifying the issues to avoid wasting any unwanted effort, time, and cost.

What is the Way Forward?

Though many organizations do not have the resource or skillset to implement QE for successful product development, they rely upon third-party testing partners who can carry out the testing activity for them. As far as small or mid-sized IT organizations and enterprises are concerned, they partner with these testing service providers who take up the responsibility of the entire process.


Managed Testing – Hobson’s Choice

Managed Testing is the kind of service offered by well-versed and reliable testers and engineers who examine the situation, understand the needs of the customer, and perform the whole testing process right from designing to delivering high-quality products to the end-user. This way, these enterprises can leave the burden of implementing Quality Engineering to these third-party testing service providers and focus more on building their core business and customer relationship.

Best Practices Involved

By deploying the best practices in the industry, managed testing stands out to be the best option to carry out test automation. These best practices involve the implementation of robust test automation strategies, tools, and frameworks, and a team of qualified developers and testers whose top priority is to ensure the development of error-free as well as high-quality software.

AI/ML-powered testing – Through the latest testing practices like leveraging the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques they can achieve the desired testing results.

All the above-mentioned, along with many other testing-related services offered by Managed Testing are more than just capable of overcoming the pain points of Quality Engineering. The number of organizations that depend on Managed Testing to efficiently develop and deliver software applications is increasing each and every day, due to its ability to achieve optimum test results without spending much cost or time.

Overall Benefits of Managed Testing

  • Reduction of overall testing cost
  • Optimized Automation
  • Boosts New-age Transformation
  • Effective Quality Improvements
  • Establishment of TCoE
Manage Testing for a leading Software Solutions Provider

Managed Testing services aim to help organizations that desperately need a testing partner to carry out the entire testing process smoothly to deliver the best software application and achieve customer satisfaction. Here’s a detailed whitepaper on how a prominent software solution provider for media companies made use of Managed Testing to overcome the pain points of software testing and achieve the desired test results along with a cost savings of 15mn+ USD.

Read the full whitepaper here to get detailed information on how Managed Testing made it possible for the customer.

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