In the software and hi-tech segments, technology is constantly evolving, and in recent times, the increase in application usage has put its foot on the accelerator. It has caused many small-sized, medium, and large enterprises to invest in vendors offering end-to-end managed testing services.

So, why are managed testing services such a big deal? And does it really help keep pace with the competition in dynamic marketplaces? Firstly, you have to dig deep and unearth enterprise-level insights on:

  • Resource factor: Are in-house DevOps and testing teams efficient enough to undertake the end-to-end process?
  • Time factor: How quickly should applications be deployed or updated to avoid disruptions?
  • Budget factor: What is your overall testing budget – and what are the areas that need to be optimized?

Primary challenges of managed testing services  

Once you know where your enterprise stands in its capacity to outsource end-to-end managed testing services, it is also vital to understand the challenges involved in this journey. 

For instance, trying to automate without the right toolset can prove to be disastrous. Everybody, by now, realizes the value of automation in eliminating redundant and repetitive tasks. But in order to enable test automation to be a part of the managed test ecosystem, your existing application and process workflows must be extensible or replaceable without restricting the number of concurrent tests or triggering massive test execution delays. This generally occurs in hybrid environments with little to non-existent interaction between on-premises and cloud systems.  

Another challenge is that there could be any combination of devices, browsers, and OS types, which could prove to be a humungous testing task when done internally. It requires a lot of investments that may not be practical, given that they also require a large-size budget for hiring the right resources with the right skillsets. 

A more current issue is the need to deal with remote applications. With software assets spread across several premises and regions, ensuring effective end-to-end managed testing becomes doubly difficult. Especially when internal teams that collaborate on testing operate in different time zones, it could prove to be a major challenge. 

How can software & hi-tech enterprises overcome these challenges?

Partnering with an experienced managed testing services provider can help overcome all of these challenges. It frees you to focus on maximizing your overall application ROI without worrying about testing inconsistencies. It is recommended to opt for a technology partner who brings hyper-testing expertise to the table to ensure agile and cost-effective application delivery. They should also have a proven track record of executing dependable and reusable AI-powered automation frameworks and accelerators.

They must provide comprehensive testing coverage – from LOB applications and business software – irrespective of the team, location, or resources – while covering testing methods like API Testing, mobile testing, performance, security testing, etc. The managed testing solution providers should also be responsible for taking care of the transitioning of applications, from on-premises to cloud-hosted, and ensure that there is no data spill-over or business disruption. Some of the important milestones they look to achieve include:

  1. Charting a managed testing roadmap after analyzing business, IT, and growth goals to unearth use cases
  2. Developing a scalable and flexible testing ecosystem and setting roles/responsibilities, SLAs, and KPIs (service/quality/values)
  3. Finalizing the POC and setting in place the required operational workflows
  4. Execute the end-to-end managed testing process before measuring and improving related metrics

It is also crucial for the end-to-end managed testing service provider to build, implement, and support a Testing Center of Excellence. It can help enhance the entire testing lifecycle – from planning, executing, and management to security, governance, and reporting.


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