Performance Engineering (PE) is the set of tasks or activities that need to be performed across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to meet the documented Non-Functional Requirements (NFR). In other words, PE is the technique used to ensure that the component of the application network is achieving its intended mission. This encompasses functional requirements such as security, usability, technology platform management, devices, third-party services, cloud, etc. The importance of speed-to-market is super high for the success of the organization and businesses need to have the right tools, processes, and strategies for agile delivery. This is where performance engineering comes into the picture and lends help to enterprises to stay ahead of the curve. Without performance engineering solutions, businesses struggle to overcome the challenges of poor application performance that is capable of adversely creating an impact on brand value and business revenue.

Some of the prominent challenges are:


  • Insufficient knowledge of business demands about future needs
  • Unattended performance attributes
  • Lack of clear definitions of targets and objectives
  • A shortfall of delivery modernization and automation


  • Application failure with handling a large volume of transactions
  • Adding new functionality causes repercussions

Resources & Skills

  • Leveraging the right tools and technologies to improve automation
  • Lack of proficiency in the business domain, technologies, tool stack, etc.


  • Performance of different products, platforms, devices, and technologies

Performance Engineering Solutions
Time & Cost

  • Increase in cost due to
  • Inadequate attention on NFR
  • Delayed error detection
  • Providing high-quality service
  • Increase in overall expenditure due to
  • Error identifying and resolving the issues by the developers and testers

Can Performance Engineering Actually Help?

Conventional or traditional testing methodologies were sufficient for testers and developers who worked in mainframe or on-premise environments. With the advent of nouveau technology, the development and testing teams had to work with various environments like on-premises, cloud-based services, third parties, and components. Often these teams could not have much or any control over these environments. To add on to that their end-users started expecting features like various device compatibility to use anytime and anywhere. Performance testing could not solve these problems and mitigate risks. Fortunately, performance engineering ensures that the shortcomings of conventional testing methodologies are met with its unique and innovative strategies.

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How Significant Is Performance Engineering?

What can possibly go wrong in a software development process when performance engineering solutions is not implemented is that the stakeholders get disappointed with the end result that may presumably have scalability, reusability, security issues or lack of good quality. It is very common to optimize the application or system after the development phase; however, the amount that is spent to fix the changes to accommodate poor performance issues, which ease phase, is more than expected. Often organizations would break the bank to afford to rectify the issues. To help these organizations avoid spending any extra time and money, performance engineering strategies should be implemented in the earlier stages of the software development life cycle. Leveraging performance engineering solutions at the right time can influence the concept or design of the system in a way that ensures performance requirements are met, taken to the market early and good quality software applications are delivered to the end-users.

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