Even though millennials find online shopping much faster and easier, there are many customers who prefer brick and mortar stores where they can physically touch and feel the product before buying it. A recent report by Retail Customer Experience states that about 70% of purchases are still made offline. In such physical stores, it is crucial to maintain good payment processing, employee management, and customer information handling. Many successful retailers in the market are adopting the best solutions and methods to provide the best service to their customers. A widely-used solution to take care of all the needs of a physical store is POS or Point of Sales system.

However, any POS system should undergo testing to ensure its functionality and accuracy. Testing a POS system manually can be often complex and monotonous as there are issues like complex interfaces, multiple configurations, and peripheral issues. In addition, there are many updates for the POS systems which are mostly stacked above the previous technology.

Robotic ARM 2.0 Infographics

This is where the need for an automated solution comes in. As an initiative to address the challenges of POS testing, testing experts from Aspire with extensive experience in solving retail testing-related challenges have come up with a device – Robotic Arm. We developed an automation solution that involves the Robotic arm for executing EMV test cases that reduces the speed of executing 250 EMV test cases from 10 days to 2.5 days. This leads to about 25% increase in automation test coverage and 75% effort savings in the first year for EMV test cases alone.

Recently, we introduced an advanced version of this, Robotic Arm 2.0 – iPOT and the major difference between the versions of the Robotic Arm is the performance speed. iPOT is capable of handling about 40 actions within an hour and further reduces the automation efforts from 2.5 days to 1.5 days for 250 EMV test cases. Thereby, it leads to 85% effort savings and around 40% cost savings in the first year for EMV test cases alone.

Also, the arm can swipe, insert, tap in the pin-pad, scan bar codes, and signature along with many new capabilities and features like handle two-pin pad devices for parallel operations, extendable card racks for additional cards, accuracy to operate for longer durations for users to execute pin pad actions continuously for days.

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