When  recently surveyed 200 EMEA insurance executives, Deloitte has found that 45% of them believe that “rapidly evolving customer needs and expectations will be the top challenge for growth over the next three years.” ¹ As insurers are expected to deliver customer-centric products and services, companies that offer consistently best-in-class customer experiences tend to grow faster and more profitably.

But it is not an easy journey. It takes just one poorly handled claim to damage an insurer’s reputation. Carriers must relentlessly provide a seamless customer experience across channels and business functions.

But Insurance is an extremely complicated, multi-functional business with intricate processes to renew policies, deal with the customers, process claims, handle billing, and plan upgrades. The enterprise-grade insurance applications are supposed to handle multiple business scenarios with complex rules. Robust testing is at the forefront of the insurance industry’s strategy as companies are making inroads into the digital ecosystem.

Digital Insurance Domain Testing: An Engine Of Profitable Growth

Advanced digital channels and exponential technology have caused radical shifts in the insurance sectors and companies want to deliver customer experiences that inspire loyalty. As such, the insurance applications must be high-performing and robust to provide the users with a seamless experience. As insurers look to software as a source of competitive advantage, highly optimized insurance application testing is the key to provide a streamlined, smooth user experience to your policyholders.

Insurance companies can build customer-centricity into their organization through the following unrivaled testing roadmaps.

Cross-browser Testing

In order to support the growing complexity of the systems and insurance applications, cross-browser testing is indispensable to ensure optimal application performance across hundreds of real browsers and devices. It helps insurers find browser compatibility issues in a cost-effective way: without having to maintain a specialized testing infrastructure, it is possible to test across multiple browsers and OS combinations at scale.

API Testing

API testing is critical to ensure that an insurance application’s Application Programming Interfaces deliver the functionality of returning the appropriate response for a given request. It can reveal inconsistencies or deviations in insurance applications as well as testing if the APIs can handle the load.

Automated Mobile Application Testing

Mobile devices have become a dominant form of digital interaction between policyholders and carriers. An ideal mobile app automation testing employs techniques to test an application’s operability from the end-user’s perspective. It can efficiently cover mobile applications that come with different functionalities.

Responsive Web Design Testing

Insurance software applications’ complexity is increasing as they are rich with dynamic content, images, and interactive features. The complex a web page is, the harder it is to test it. Responsive web design testing enhances the user experience by uncovering bottlenecks that limit the loading speed of web pages. It ensures flexible layout and fluid operability across different devices seamlessly.

Cloud-based Testing

Real-world user surge can effectively be replicated on the Cloud environment to ensure an insurance application’s security, end-to-end functionality, and usability before market launch.

Seamless Customer Experience With Insurance Software Testing Services

When empowered with all these carefully drawn insurance application testing capabilities, an insurer can discover and remediate software vulnerabilities with minimal delays. As more and more customers try to track the status of their claim applications, for example, insurance software applications can run seamlessly with efficient back-office operations.

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We help assess, execute, and manage your testing efforts with AFTA 3.0 and APTf 2.0, our highly reliable test automation and performance testing frameworks. We enable a more connected customer experience by enriching the performance of your insurance apps that improve business outcomes.

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