Are software costs burning a hole in your management budget? Having trouble with license compliance audits? ServiceNow license optimization is your best choice of action. It is a quick and easy way to curb overriding license costs.

ServiceNow enterprise owners often face challenges like lack of usage visibility on licenses and clarity on the money spent towards it, evaluating their entitlements and reclaiming unused licenses. Without proper forecast of user increase, enterprises are caught off-guard by license needs. But more than often, enterprise already hold the necessary number of licenses; it is just that it has not been utilized to its full capacity. The roles and responsibilities of users change and the application licenses allotted to them becomes redundant overtime. These unused licenses often go unchecked as there is no system in place to oversee usage. It is essential to track licenses and their usage to optimize subscription cost.

Identify and monitor ServiceNow licenses, manage subscriptions, forecast needs, eliminate work disruptions and save up to 70% in software costs with license optimization techniques.

The key to optimization lies in managing groups and roles in ServiceNow. It is important to understand that every role and user comes at a cost. Enterprises must analyze the job and responsibilities of every user before assigning them with licenses and access. Identifying where the organization has invested and monitoring the subscriptions will go a long way in determining license usage.

Analyze user data to optimize ServiceNow licenses:

Use the Performance Analytics module to track license usage and determine who warrants a license. Give meaning to data and get insightful reports on user and role usage by analyzing login, session and transaction data. Implement the right-size subscription cost and entitlements by having a deeper understanding of usage through analytics supported by intuitive dashboards. Performance Analytics module basically acts as a decision support system for enterprises to define who needs and who doesn’t need a license.

With License Workbench, enterprises can take action on unused licenses. Add or remove or modify users and roles based on usage reports. Harvest and reassign unused subscriptions and automatically downgrade over-entitled subscriptions. It aims to bring analytical and actionable items under one dashboard. Track licenses and usage in real-time with an attractive dashboard that highlights the licenses purchased, allocated and compliance status.

With license optimization, enterprises can manage and track subscriptions for optimal usage and reduce licensing costs. You will always be audit-ready and will be able to forecast license needs to minimize work disruptions.

To know more about the techniques in detail, we have a white paper which will serve as your ultimate guide to license optimization.

  • The best practices and guidelines in managing groups and roles in ServiceNow
  • How to effectively use Performance Analytics module to track license usage
  • How to analyze login, session and transaction data of users to determine usage
  • Learn optimization techniques to utilize unused licenses and save cost

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