Field service agents are a crucial part of your customer service strategy, but they’re often left to their own devices and are unable to adequately support the customer. ServiceNow’s field service management combined with ServiceNow IT asset management empowers your field agents with all the data they need to ensure a first-time fix.

Poor first-time fix rates, improper scheduling and lack of communication are among the biggest challenges to efficient field service operations. These issues affect both customer retention and employee morale. Incidentally, improper scheduling was cited as a major factor behind high turnover rates among field agents. ServiceNow implementation injects much-needed automation into these processes for optimized operations.

The Now platform cuts across your enterprise, handling ITSM, HRSM and CSM operations. Adding the field service management application and asset management module to the mix lets you extend ServiceNow’s automated workflows and Now Mobile capabilities to field operations with a single consolidated platform running the show.

Teams operating in siloes can be fatal to your customer support. Siloed workplaces take a great toll on performance and wreak havoc on customer satisfaction. A centralized platform ensures all stakeholders access to the resources they need and lets them easily track the status of tasks and tickets. With ServiceNow integration, teams can continue to work on their preferred third-party apps while ServiceNow serves as a single source of truth. A key associate in the public transport sphere realized the benefits of an all-encompassing intelligent system with the help of an expert ServiceNow solutions provider.

ServiceNow’s Field Service Management

Customer’s challenges: The customer was heavily reliant on manual processes, which predictably had a negative effect on productivity and slowed service delivery. Teams dealt with data on a vast array of scattered spreadsheets. Siloed practices resulted in communication gaps that left field agents in the dark and affected first-time fix rates. Without live tracking of assets, agents would have to go back and forth between the site and stockrooms and manually raise requests for assets. Staff were unable to continuously monitor deployed assets nor could they identify dysfunctional assets. The customer needed to rapidly switch to automated operations.

Aspire’s answer: With ServiceNow, the client embraced automation, curbing manual processes. The Aspire team set up ServiceNow ITSM, Service Catalog, Knowledge Management and Performance Analytics for the client. But the gamechanger was ServiceNow ITAM, ServiceNow FSM and Now Mobile implementation.

  • Interactive dashboards from ServiceNow hardware asset management enabled real-time tracking of assets, which improved resource allocation
  • ServiceNow FSM’s dynamic scheduling wherein cases were assigned automatically based on the field agent’s expertise and their proximity to the customer helped reduce wasteful spending.
  • ServiceNow field service management automated scheduling and tracking of assets reduced the number of site visits
  • Agents could simply check the asset directory on Now Mobile app to check for assets and raise requests for the same

The complete shift to automation optimized resource allocation and spending. It also improved agent productivity and had an immediate positive impact on first-time fix rates. With ServiceNow, the customer:

  • Saved up to 4 hours per field agent per task  
  • Optimized operational costs
  • Improved tracking of assets
  • Recorded a 30% increase in productivity
  • Reduced resolution time

Advance your ServiceNow journey with a Now Platform expert

About 80% of Fortune 500 companies use ServiceNow ITSM to manage their IT services. As managing a ServiceNow license is a crucial task, more businesses are turning to ServiceNow Managed Services Providers to ensure they get the most out of their instance. A ServiceNow MSP is more than just a third-party support service.

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