ServiceNow releases a new version of their instance every six months. Quebec is the latest version released by ServiceNow which is named after the Canadian city of Quebec. In every instance, ServiceNow comes with new features and enhancements. With new features stocked up in the ServiceNow Quebec, we bring you here the top features of the release.

UI builder

This is one of the key Application introduced by ServiceNow changing the way of designing, building Portals and pages in ServiceNow (UI builder).UI builder is a web user interface builder, which enables developers to design new pages or customize existing pages for work space and service portal. UI builders provide reusable components, which can be used in pages.

Process optimization

Analysts will be able to automate business processes which results in better understanding of the effectiveness of business and predict the process execution with historical data

It also identifies issues and shows visibility around key performance indicators and resolves those issues. ServiceNow process optimization is also integrated with other applications of platform like performance analytics and continual improvement management to discover opportunities for improving different processes.

Process optimization is a plugin.

Workforce Optimization for ITSM

Workforce optimization is used to manage and maintain the productivity of your organization’s employees and teams from a single location. With this application you can manage your team’s skills and schedules, work assignments and monitor their performance effectively. It helps project owners and managers to track the productivity of employees and teams.

Workforce optimization is a plug in servicenow.

Instance Scan

This application is used to find configurations of the instances, which can indicate health issues and identify opportunities to address best practice. Overall, it basically scans your whole instance and tells you these are the different issues, which we have found in your instance

Service Catalog Builder

Catalog builder is a visual and guided experience for creating or editing catalog items. Catalog builder is a design portal which is used to create or edit catalog items using a visual and guided experience it enables you to delegate the creation and maintenance of the catalog items in ServiceNow platform.

Universal Request

Deliver a unified service experience for employees across all departments. Enable agents to collaborate, transfer tickets and manage cross-departmental SLAs in a single place. Universal request enables businesses to manage service requests across multiple departments under one unified request.

Universal Request is a plugin.

Natural Language Query Builder for Lists

ServiceNow introduced a new feature to search among list, where people can filter out records using simple queries. This feature helps users without technical knowledge query the records. This feature is available next to the filter icon in the list view.

Business Continuity Management

This application provides business continuity solutions when businesses are impacted during a crisis. Plan, exercise, and recover from disasters effectively with ServiceNow® Business Continuity Management, a key part of a robust integrated risk management program. Business continuity management is a plugin.

Create a Report with Analytics Q&A

Similar to the list view NLA filter there is a new enhancement in the reports. After filling the data requirements, we can give the filter condition in simple queries which is in the content section Ask. This feature helps users to filter out the records for the reports.

Service Catalog Variables

ServiceNow Quebec release has added new options in catalog variables hidden and read only and enhancements in variables choice and checkbox, which are very helpful for developers. Even though these options and enhancements are smaller they provide better flexibility for developer. 

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