Here is the follow up blog on the new ServiceNow Quebec release where we will talk about the developers’ features in the new release that helps the developers work more effectively.

Flow Designer (Record Producer Action)

The new updated Flow Designer with the new look brings in more understandable logic of If/Else with updates on action picker, embedded help panel. There is an addition this release- Flow variable that comes as a game changer in handling logics with complexities. Also, the flow designer helps the developers in

  • Creating tasks for a Record Producer Catalog Item with the Record Producer action
  • Creating a Task record from a record producer catalog item to inherits values from the catalog item’s variable values.

Script Tracer

Script Tracer is a very good feature for developers which help to identify scripts that perform the GlideRecord operations down to the exact line of code during execution. Script Tracer displays all the synchronous server-side scripts execute as part of that transaction including UI actions, business rules, and script includes. This will give you the results which we may have issues and need to be debugged. This saves time and improves productivity and helpful for trouble shooting as well. We can easily navigate to the specific target record from Script Tracer window.

Single Score Report value formatting

Developers can add reports to dashboards to make configurations and update. The below options are added in these reporting.

  • Set number formatting for single score reports and multilevel pivot reports.
  • Apply formatting for integer, decimal, and float field types.
  • Set duration field formatting for most report types.
  • Set minimums, maximums, and rounding for duration fields.


The new release has added ‘Read-only’ and ‘Hidden’ option to define variable other than the existing ‘ Active’ and ‘ Mandatory’ check boxes. You can now make a question choice inactive which helps to deactivate the variables choice list values and cam make a group of Check Box variables mandatory in Service Portal.

Quebec Instances

you can work on personal developers instance in the Developers site where if you have an instance, you can upgrade it with an upgrade button’ when you don’t have one, you can request for an instance with ‘Request an instance’ button and if you want

Other updates and enhancements includes IntergrationHub, that is now capable of triggering flow using REST; AI Search- gives relevant information from search window; NLU workbench that has replaced NLU model builder; App customization, Instance scan, etc.


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