ServiceNow is the largest Enterprise Service Management player in the market and continues to dominate with the breadth and depth of its portfolio. The Forrester Wave in 2019 recognized ServiceNow as a leader in ESM. Its fully automated platform and intelligent IT service management solutions drive total digital transformation and accelerates service delivery. Enterprises realize the power of ServiceNow and believe that implementing its automation techniques and workflows to their various business functions will help in driving operational excellence.

Companies who have experienced the benefits of ITSM first-hand are confident that having an ESM outlook will help their organization better than an ITSM-only focus outlook. They will gain more, in terms of strategy, growth, innovation and cost savings, by deploying the capabilities of ITSM throughout the enterprise.

Benefits of ServiceNow Enterprise Management  

ServiceNow is not only listed as the fastest growing software companies of all time, but it is also fast. The Now platform is built to manage everything as a service and hence it helps modern enterprises operate with speed and scale their organization by many folds. With ServiceNow ESM, enterprises have a powerful platform to create, consume and support all their business functions under one roof.

ServiceNow architecture:

ServiceNow structures and automates the flow of work by removing the manual processes and streamlining service delivery. It requires low amount of configuration to get an enterprise up and running. This means that companies can begin seeing increase in productivity immediately, as once implemented it gets almost 75% of work done. The Now platform’s open and flexible architecture allows enterprises to use it in different systems and processes of their organization to easily scale across multiple services.

When ServiceNow says it is cloud platform as a service, it really means it. Unlike other products, the Now platform is natively designed on cloud and can endure the stress of an IT enterprise. ServiceNow is specifically built for large-scale enterprises and can withstand the demands of IT industry, its scalability and customer needs. It is a single, simple, secure cloud platform that is business-ready and IT-friendly.

ServiceNow Licenses

Enhanced customer experiences:

According to a ServiceNow survey, legacy ITSM systems are exhausting almost 12% of their employee time with redundant tasks and thereby resulting in bad user experiences. They prove to be inefficient due to manual processes; their resolution time does not align with overall business objectives and they are not adaptive and agile to support the changing business needs. ServiceNow on the other hand, enhances an enterprise’s corporate service by automating workflows, automatically redirecting relevant requests to support staff, creating more instances of knowledge availability, which will all ultimately benefit the end users and customers.

ServiceNow’s AI-powered intelligent dashboards with integrated tools like chatbot and voice assistants improves the communication process. ServiceNow manages end-to-end service requests by tracking and automating requests to provide an enriched service to customers. With a centralized service delivery model, enterprises can leverage the collaborative capabilities of employees to provide seamless customer experience.

Improved enterprise strategy & services:

With centralized processes, ServiceNow increases visibility and communication between all channels of an enterprise, resulting in informed decision-making capabilities. Organizations can allocate resources in alignment with business objectives and employee skill-set and also increase accountability. The Now platform extracts data and uses it intelligently to help companies create organized enterprise strategies. The Now platform’s strong analytical abilities help enterprises track performance, get real-time insights, understand evolving trends and get suggestions for continual improvement of their systems. This in turn reduces cost, improves business agility, mitigates risks and boosts IT innovation.

ServiceNow constantly innovates its core ITSM with upgrades and new features to adapt to the new-age of enterprise management. Companies too can benefit from the upgrades that can be personalized and deployed across the entire platform which will improve overall enterprise services. Instead of losing money on repetitive work, companies can focus on proactive changes and adopting current technologies and stay far ahead of their competitors in the industry.

ServiceNow facilitates a truly single enterprise service model to achieve organizational excellence. It unlocks productivity across an organization from IT to HR to Finance to Customer Support with business-centric workflows. ServiceNow ESM solutions expands beyond ITSM capabilities and transforms an enterprise structure to provide great user and employee experience across all functions. It eliminates redundant business applications and services within an enterprise and increases shared services, support centers and other resources. This reduces the cost and complexity involved in managing an enterprise and also drives optimization and growth.



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