Building a Scalable and Profitable SaaS Product

With the increasing trend in on-demand consumption, SaaS business model has started becoming the de-facto standard for delivering software products. While this is a great boon for ISVs to tap the SMB segment, SaaS business model also brings inherent challenges to the table. On a broader scale, all these challenges can be summed up in two words – Scalability and Profitability. ISVs that have understood and acted on these two challenges are the ones that are able to survive in the long run.

In this whitepaper, we have discussed the following:

  • Challenges in a SaaS Business Model
  • Understanding SaaS Life Cycle
  • Challenges in
    • Business Management
    • Product Engineering
    • Customer Service
  • Industry best practices to resolve the challenges

It delves into the challenges in each of these three areas and provides you with a probable answer as to ‘How to build a perfect SaaS product that can address the expectations of each of the above mentioned stakeholders.


Building a successful SaaS product is no more measured by the technical quality alone, but rather the entire system’s capability to help the ISVs run efficiently. The three areas, we discuss in this whitepaper, are often overlooked by the SaaS companies due to time and budget constraints. The idea behind this whitepaper is to explain the challenges that ISVs go through and the reasons behind why ISVs should think through these areas as they build their product.

We hope you find this whitepaper informative towards Building a Scalable and Profitable SaaS Product.