Most of the traditional databases are RDBMS solutions.They have a rigid schema design and data is entered into tables based on that schema. Typically, a SQL-based query is used to read/write data to such databases. So, what are the limiting factors with these databases for Big Data scenario? There are many!

 Why NoSQL?

NoSQL databases take a different approach to solve Big Data problem.Many inherent architecture and design considerations – like schema design, compromise on ACID properties predominantly RAM-based processing for large set of data, key value/document based storage -have been taken into account in most of the NoSQL databases.

You can read more about the limiting factors of traditional database and why NoSQL might be the right choice by downloading the whitepaper here.

 Key Takeaways From The Whitepaper:

  •  Are Traditional Databases Ideal For Big Data?
  •  Why Traditional Database is not One-Size-Fit-All?
  •  Best-Fit Solutions That Can Leverage NoSQL.
  •  Examples of common applications and Its NoSQL Suitability!
  •  Strengths and Weakness of NoSQL!

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