Guidewire is a comprehensive software that can aid the digital transformation of enterprises in the Insurance industry. Insurance software is required to launch new product lines, keep pace with clients’ changing requirements, and make them more competitive in the marketplace. Besides, the software and application space is constantly being threatened with cyber-related issues and threats.

So, insurance software providers have an additional role to play. They need to help build resilience even as they roll out new products and services. Big data and analytics will play a major role in deciding the purchasing patterns of consumers. It will help gain a competitive advantage and offer value to customers. More importantly, it will help predict risks and build products to mitigate them.

While Guidewire can be leveraged to provide several digital solutions, applications created with Guidewire should follow a quality assurance (QA) strategy to ensure the robust performance of your digital solutions. Guidewire has a standard QA strategy that all development teams and partners must follow, including those involved in implementing or upgrading any Guidewire product. The QA strategy includes the following:

  • Testing of software applications.
  • Testing of hardware and network systems.
  • Documentation of test cases.
  • Adoption of a testing methodology that encompasses automation and manual testing.

In addition to these standard practices, this article discusses important factors you should consider to develop a robust QA strategy while implementing or upgrading Guidewire products.

Leverage modern tools and technology

The testing methodology continues to evolve, bringing automation to the forefront. Enterprises can leverage modern tools that come with advanced technology. Test automation frameworks offer a consistent platform for your complete testing needs since they reduce the monotony due to tedious and repetitive tests. It further reduces errors with the availability of pre-recorded instruction. It executes regression tests to check whether the existing functionalities are suitable for the latest version when new development occurs with your software.

Hyper-testing is an agile and holistic approach to testing that executes a test strategy on multiple levels. It covers end-to-end testing of all application layers and non-functional requirements by leveraging the best tools available on the market. Hyper-testing utilizes a shift-left approach that allows a CI/CD pipeline for your software delivery. This makes it the most viable testing practice to use in your QA strategy.

The AFTA framework accelerates test automation development and makes maintenance easier while covering various testing parameters. It integrates with other cloud platforms for test execution and uses a mix of open-source tools. This allows you to use this unique framework as a one-stop solution for all your testing needs and assess your application’s performance. The convenience of meeting all of your testing and performance needs in one place makes the AFTA framework essential for your QA strategy.

In addition to faster and more reliable testing results, you can reuse your testing frameworks for more efficient results. Reusability increases profitability across the entire product lifecycle. Test Automation frameworks can be used to make tests reusable, and with every new test and discovery of a bug, the test directory gets upgraded and market-ready. It minimizes costs and mainly helps justify investment in the testing tool. Automated testing tools are designed and customized to provide flexibility while complying with the latest security and testing protocols. In this way, automated testing tools offer a significant advantage over outdated and traditional testing methods.

Ensure thorough knowledge of the insurance industry

Industry knowledge, specifically related to the Insurance sector, is critical. This knowledge will help set up workflows and build the application according to the industry’s requirements and the regulatory policies. The team needs to know various parameters related to the sector, for instance, market segmentation, risks, income-group segmentation, and much more. Testers and developers may have to be part of the insurance industry solutions or have in-depth knowledge to work on specialized software.

Consult with Guidewire experts

An important factor while creating your QA strategy is consulting with specialists with experience with Guidewire products and knowledge about its various features and offerings. Consulting with an experienced Guidewire tester will bring proven accelerators to enable effective product implementation. You will also be able to get all implementation needs under one roof and focus on core expertise in configuration, conversion, and migration.

Guiding an insurer through the complex task of transferring and implementing Guidewire requires reliable and experienced resources, a thoroughly competent team with technical expertise, and a proven methodology for testing and implementation. With suitably trained resources, skilled team leads, proven testing tools, and standardized best practices and methodologies, an experienced implementation team or partner can ensure flawless delivery.

Provide a testing center of excellence (TCoE) for complete solutions

A specialist from the CoE brings a comprehensive approach to testing applications and solutions. Moreover, the CoE will bring experience along with expertise, where there will be standardized testing practices, methodologies, and metrics.


Guidewire offers a comprehensive platform to execute a complete digital transformation. While releasing new products quickly is essential, you also need to ensure that your products are reliable and stable with sufficient quality. As an insurance provider, you want to ensure your digital solutions are beneficial, risk-free, and valuable to your clients. QA is an integral part of a software delivery pipeline. It ensures that your applications are market-ready and viable to meet your clients’ expectations. An effective QA strategy is fundamental to a successful software delivery pipeline.

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