Over the past decade, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of cloud drivers and adopters where companies no longer experience cloud-first but cloud-only business models. According to Gartner, Cloud adoption strategies will influence more than 50% of ITO deals through 2020 and the public Cloud services market is predicted to grow 18% in 2017.

The explosion of Cloud is mainly because it offers the much needed scalability, agility, reduced capital expenditures, enhanced security and flexible operations. Also, Cloud enables software solution vendors to accelerate their development and deployments and reach a wider market without compromising on customer experience.

Overcoming Enterprise Challenges with the Cloud

Most enterprises are confined to the legacy systems that are not compliant with today’s SaaS digital ecosystem. Because of this, companies suffer from limited automation possibilities, procurement delays, maintenance cost and the inability to cope up with customer expectations.

The proliferation of Cloud has offered zillion reasons for software vendors to move to Cloud mostly because SaaS has become a common delivery model for several business applications.


Cloud has proven to offer secure, scalable, agile and continuous availability of services that helps to accelerate growth and trigger faster time to market.

Cloud-enabled SaaS Applications

Research firm IDC estimates that nearly one third of the worldwide enterprise application market will be SaaS-based by 2018, driving annual SaaS revenue to $50.8 billion. The outpacing growth of SaaS and the growing challenges in the business environment seek the advantage of Cloud services for harmonized and streamlined business processes that focuses on digital initiatives and continual scope for innovation.

SaaS applications have gained an exponential momentum because software vendors realize its key potential offerings like security, agility, scalability and availability. With Cloud, SaaS companies are equipped with a platform on which they can seamlessly build their applications without compromising on these characteristics when compared to traditional packaged apps.

Cloud-based development for your SaaS applications can be a major business move because of which it’s crucial to choose the right cloud services and development platforms like AWS and Azure.

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