We are happy to inform that an article by our Project Manager, Mr. Prashant Malhotra, has been published by PMI North India Chapter on the Jan-Mar 2012 Newsletter.  The featured article titled ‘Marriage Ceremony managed by Project Management Professional’ correlates various aspects of Project Management with a typical Indian arranged marriage.

It’s a lively narration of Indian marriage scenario wherein the groom and his father are both project management professionals.  They perceive that this wedding could be an excellent candidate for applying sound Project Management Principles and for progressing successfully forward.  Wedding has all criteria like defined Start date, Stop date and sequence of activities to make the event/project successful.

The article takes us through various phases of project management, comparing characteristics of wedding with any outsourcing  assignment- from evaluating brides, brainstorming session with the groom’s mother aka key stakeholders to identify the suitable bride, project kick off ,decision tree analysis, project execution and successful completion of the wedlock.

The article can be viewed here – http://issuu.com/pg_mywork/docs/pminic_synergy_jan-mar2012Webinar