Shortcomings of using Bootstrap off the shelf without customizing to mobile devices

Mobile devices are projected to reach 79% of global internet use by the end of 2018.

So you’ve developed a nice new product or maybe you offer great services. The easiest way to reach out to your customers is through your web presence. Irrespective of what kind of business you do, your customers mostly reach out to you from their devices like phone, laptop or desktop? If you are comfortably situated web wise then,

  1. Your application will adapt to the browser viewport width.
  2. Your customers will be provided with high quality user experience across devices.
  3. Your customers do not have to struggle with finding the important buttons.

If you are using a bootstrapped template for your website, enabling these shouldn’t be a problem. But mostly, when people reach for bootstrapping their digital experience, they choose off the shelf rather than the customized version.

Bootstrapping itself makes it easier to go cross platform to reach a wider audience and better user experience. With off the shelf bootstrapping, what you get is a version that is adaptable to various devices, not customized for those devices, which leads to a lack of customer satisfaction as then the webpage is mostly shrunk down or stretched to meet the browser viewpoint instead of seamlessly fitting the device viewpoint and making navigation easy.

Why doesn’t that work?

For example, a website made for desktop browsing can be heavy, containing a lot of images and lots of clickable items. When you shrink this page, it becomes a jumbled up display where important options like search or home page becomes a challenge to find and click on. The visitor has to struggle to find, zoom and click.

With short attention spans and other convenient options open, visitors hardly need to spend more than couple of minutes struggling like this.

According to Adobe about 79% of people will stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device.

Why customization works?

With customized bootstrap you get a better solution than the one-size-fits-all provided by the off the shelf version. Based on each device, every minute detail is tested and customized to fit to ensure smooth user experience across devices.

Moreover, the testing is done on tangible devices to ensure 100% accuracy of output.

Curious about the other benefits of customized bootstrap? Listen to our webinar here and be enlightened.