big data governance

Effective data governance: the catalyst for better operational efficiency

In today’s data-consuming world, where people consume more than 118 zettabytes of data, the need for governing data increases with each moment. According to Big Data Facts, 80-90% of today’s data is unstructured. The constant collection of unstructured data…

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Data governance: Being secure while generating business value

Data has evolved from need to necessity with the ever-evolving world and its technological advancements. With the explosion of captured consumer data comes the need for data governance and data privacy. According to a report by…

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How to enable good data governance in a big data world

Gartner says that data and analytics budgets continue to see large increases and a significant portion of them are spent on data governance policies. According to Cisco, nearly 5 quintillion bytes of data is produced…

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Data Governance in the age of Big Data