customer onboarding for banks

What Corporate Banks can do to Accentuate their Journey to Digitization

Although, the banking sector has conventionally been an industry that thrives on brick-and-mortar infrastructure and in-person loyalty, financial services have come a long way in their digital journey. However, corporate banking is still trailing a…

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What are the major friction points in Customer Onboarding & Origination for Banks?

Let’s roll back in time a little. In the early 1990s, to open an account, customers had to go to the bank’s branch and manually fill out the documents with their signature and with an…

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Integrated Customer Onboarding : What’s holding the Incumbent Banks Back?

Integrated customer onboarding has become a business imperative for incumbent banks in today’s technology driven, ‘digital first’ banking ecosystem. But the manual processes which are in place, are archaic in nature leading to a cloudy…

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