Digital customer onboarding

What are the major friction points in Customer Onboarding & Origination for Banks?

Modern banking customers expect to open a new bank account or savings account remotely utilizing their laptop or mobile device. According to special research published by BAI, three-quarters of millennials say they would switch banks…

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From customer experience to customer retention- Aspire’s CX/OX suite (Part 1)

The quintessential factor of any industry is the customer experience. Hundreds of innovations, thousands of solutions, and continuous upgrades all target one thing– customer’s comfort. The banking industry is no exception here and this is…

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Integrated Customer Onboarding : What’s holding the Incumbent Banks Back?

Integrated customer onboarding has become a business imperative for incumbent banks in today’s technology driven, ‘digital first’ banking ecosystem. But the manual processes which are in place, are archaic in nature leading to a cloudy…

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