Kony DBX

Meet the ever-changing customer expectations of your bank with Kony’s Low-code approach

  Digitalization in financial services has seen a positive growth curve over time. Now, traditional banks are re-thinking their strategies for an enhanced customer relationship. At the end of the day, banks aim to fulfil…

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Your Bank’s 60 Day Digital Makeover Guaranteed! We Can Tell You How

  Are you looking for a dynamic approach for your start-up bank to adapt to the new lockdown lifestyle? How about going digital in just 60 days? Yes, you heard that right. When we talk…

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Temenos Infinity Engage- Usage of SaaS Platforms for Banking Channels

  COVID19 has brought more changes to our lifestyle and business than anyone could have anticipated. As we slowly adapt to a new and secluded lifestyle, businesses have found an increase in demand for omnichannel…

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