Are you looking for a dynamic approach for your start-up bank to adapt to the new lockdown lifestyle? How about going digital in just 60 days? Yes, you heard that right. When we talk about the new lifestyle, we are pretty sure that with COVID19 pandemic, most employees are connecting virtually from the comfort and safety of their household and banking industry is no different. Hence, it is imperative to provide digital set-up for your employees for a hassle-free non-disruptive work environment while also providing a seamless banking experience for your customers. However, the open secret behind a bank to retain customer relationship for a long time is the quality of the service and being on par with the current trend.

This is what precisely we are helping you with. Let us put it out straight to you:

You can digitize your financial services and meet customer expectations simultaneously.


The answer is: Temenos Infinity

Why Temenos Infinity?

When Temenos, Aspire’s digital banking partner, acquired USA’s top banking company, Kony Inc and announced the launch of Temenos Infinity, the audience were curious about the functional offerings and had tons of queries. Now, Temenos Infinity is standing at a place where banks are ready to digitize their services with it.

What makes Temenos Infinity so special?

1. Integration of Strong technologies

With the combined force of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Temenos Infinity has all the functional capabilities to drive a dynamically strong digital banking system.

2. Additional benefits with Kony

Temenos has implemented the strong components of Kony’s digital platform like Faster PWAs, Enterprise-grade secure architecture, advanced encryption, etc. This made Temenos Infinity stand out with respect to its digital capabilities on banking front-end.

3. Promised longer user engagement

Temenos Infinity promises to enhance user engagement with its dynamic digital banking experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

4. Agile Environment leading to flexible up-gradation

Having the most open and Agile SaaS product, Temenos Infinity is flexible to continuous upgrades and hence, increases the speed of new releases.

5. The Armour: Temenos Transact

The Ironpower for Temenos Infinity is its core banking system which is driven using Temenos Transact. With strong functional abilities like 100% cloud-driven, customer-centricity, rapid innovation, etc., Temenos Transact provides a strong core, which leads to much stronger front-end.

6. One-stop solution for digital banking service

The main reason for customers getting attracted to Temenos Infinity is its omnichannel feature. With Temenos Infinity, complicated multiple back-office systems, increased maintenance cost, time-consuming back-end processes etc., can be eliminated.

7. Strong behavioural analytics to ease Customer acquisition

Temenos Infinity has acquired Kony’s deep analytics feature, with which, customer acquisition becomes seamless, faster, and hassle-free.

Are all the above features really possible?

Yes, it is possible. Here is a real story which can prove it. A bank in Canada, a country where traditional banks run successfully, wanted to digitize their services and make their customers enjoy digital banking experience. They were keen on going 100% online including services like customer on-boarding, fund transferring, etc. However, they had legacy-based applications which needed an up-gradation and a vendor who has required technical expertise in Temenos transact.

They approached Aspire Systems on the verge of making their digital dream a reality. Aspire developed a User Interface which fulfilled all the requirements of the bank and helped it to become completely digital. The application had key features like:

  • Sign-in procedure for customer on-boarding
  • Personalized dashboard with an integrated view of loans, transactions, and accounts
  • Hassle-free money transfers and utility payments
  • Ability to transfer funds domestically and internationally
  • Secure customer profile with HID and credit scoring avenue like Equifax, etc.

With the above features embedded in an omnichannel platform, the ease of experience for the customer was improved by 70% and thus encouraged the bank to go branch-less. Also, Temenos Infinity-powered platform improved the bank’s overall operational efficiency by 50% thus, providing strong flexibility and security.

A Takeaway

The above story proves that Aspire has the required technical expertise to not just digitize some financial services but to fully digitize a bank. Aspire believes in providing customers with a platform that is capable of being always on the trending bar. With Aspire and Temenos Infinity, your bank can also go digital in just 60 days.

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