Microservices Migration

How Microservices helped this Company Revolutionize their Business and Why it will help You, too!

Of all the vital industries in the economy, the Telecom industry is the most susceptible to disruptions. This is because new mobile technologies are constantly released into the market and there is an evergreen demand…

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How to redefine Monoliths to Microservices in Two Easy Steps

An IDC survey suggests that by 2021 80% of all application would be developed on cloud platforms using Microservices. It has advised organizations to adopt modern app architectures with horizontal scaling to optimize infrastructure and support…

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Predicting ROIs to a Microservices Migration – Sowing Seeds to Success

Microservices has proven time and again that it is more than just a mere buzzword. Organizations have made a decision to move towards it and many more are weighing its odds and evens. In order…

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