As customers, we are dependent on our devices both on the personal and professional side. A slowdown or sudden app crashes can reverse the trajectory towards bad experiences despite consistent upsides in the entire customer journey. This is why testers across all industries are conscious of running multiple cycles of testing in virtually simulated environments across platforms and devices, whether for functional, non-functional, performance testing, or any other form of testing.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin

QA has progressed beyond detecting bugs and errors. It has developed into a complex and technical philosophy that is an amalgamation of product idea evaluation, behavioral patterns in varied environments, analysis of threats, etc. With enterprises adopting DevOps and Cloud approaches to their daily operations, test automation has risen to become an indispensable part of the quality assurance strategy. According to Gartner, “The pace of automation is accelerating, with more organizations creating fully automated value chains.”

In light of software testing taking the helm of the software development lifecycle, The European Software Testing Awards was formulated seven years ago to identify and celebrate companies that have accomplished significant achievements in the avenues of software testing and quality assurance.

This year Aspire earned the coveted title ‘Best Use of Technology in a Project’ for its engagement with one of the leaders in the Hospitality industry, running its chain of restaurants in the American marketplace.

They were looking to partner with an enterprise that could take care of their entire technological enhancement with the refurbishing of their testing strategies using automated and Regression testing suites. Their three major visions for the transformation included:

  • Enhancing the operational performance of their restaurant chain
  • Bringing in sustainable same-restaurant sales momentum
  • Augmenting the effectiveness of their marketing strategies

Our years of experience in providing customized testing solutions helped us crack the deal with this hospitality giant.

With the desire for end-to-end automation on the minds of our customers, our team of experts went to the drawing board to carefully work around their set of challenges. Some of these included multiple frameworks for web and mobile and desktop applications that were maintained by both Front of House and Back of House.

Our team created a unique hybrid framework that could harness the challenges they faced. The test automation framework DCqaf (Digital Commerce quality automation framework) executed test automation from system requirements to interfacing with the backend application. In addition, they also recommended iPOT (Robotic Arm 2.0) to handle their payment action on the EMV devices and conduct POS testing, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

robotic arm 2.0

Click to know more about iPOT our Robotic Arm solution for POS Testing.

Overall, the project plan proposed included the following goals:

  • Streamline Order placements for FOH while closing payments through the Pin-pad devices
  • Integrate online orders from Web and Mobile for takeaway and Dine-in orders
  • Develop a single automation suite to handle multiple configurations, peripheral devices, and complex interfaces
  • Automate EMV test cases
  • Speed-up their regression test case routine

By the end of the implementation of DCqaf and iPOT, we helped the brand achieve more results than we ever imagined.

  • 90% test automation using the Robotic Arm
  • 88% reduction in testing time of EMV cases
  • Considerable reduction in maintenance cost
  • Faster time to market

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