The lights are set, the stage is ready, and the curtains are about to part and unveil one of the longest-running and most respected conferences on Software Testing and Quality Assurance, STAREAST 2020.

In light of recent events, this year it is set out to be virtual– all the more reason to make use of this conference to enhance and sharpen testing skills and hear from the world’s best brands as they share their experiences and best practices in Testing.

The main focus of the conference is on how to enhance your testing solutions to align with the latest trends like leveraging Continuous Testing and Quality Engineering in a DevOps environment to perform testing while having big data and contemplate the future of automation.

Across the span of two days (6th May and 7th May), STAREAST has planned an online expo where you can virtually visit the top industry players offering the latest testing solutions. To promote innovation and open communication, the expo has been designed as an open virtual event where everyone can have the opportunity to hear directly from the experts.

Visit the Aspire Systems Booth

This year, Aspire Systems takes immense pride in being the Gold Sponsor for the conference.  At the virtual booth, you can explore the latest automation offerings we have in the testing industry. Aspire is happy to showcase its AI-enabled automation framework and how it can help accelerate software delivery. Here is a gist of what you will acquire from our virtual booth

 60-minute Industry Technical Presentation

Aspire Systems will also be providing you with a 60- minute technical session on Multi-Layered Test Automation Approach – What, Why, and How?”. This session will be conducted by Srinivasan Sankar, Practice Manager – Digital Assurance, Aspire Systems. He is a Quality Assurance leader at Aspire Systems, helping organizations move up the quality value chain from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering. Driven by a passion to build quality tests that are easy, effective, maintainable, and scalable. He has led several digital transformation testing projects successfully for customers ranging from small, medium enterprises to fortune 500 organizations.

What You Gain From This Session?

Implementing Quality Engineering in an agile environment is no longer feasible with legacy testing approaches. It requires a quantum leap forward – a holistic change across multiple levels of an organization to strike the right balance between application quality and time-to-market. Hyper-Testing is an agile and unified approach towards designing and executing a test automation strategy that covers end-to-end testing of all application layers. The end result is an overall improvement in the quality of the product, early detection of defects, lower Cost of Quality (CoQ), and faster time to market.

In this session, Srini will talk about the Hyper-Testing approach to quality and present a real-world case study showing how it enabled a leading organization to lower their overall cost of quality while ensuring a high-quality product simultaneously.

Key Takeaways

  • Why automated testing is critical for businesses looking to achieve their DevOps objectives
  • How progressive organizations are leveraging Hyper-Testing to improve quality and accelerate innovation
  • How can Hyper-Testing secure your organization from risk while encouraging exploration and innovation?

 Don’t miss out to step into the Aspire Booth to explore Hyper-Testing coupled with an AI-enabled automation framework, interact with qualified experts, and learn the latest trends in Testing.

Visit STAREAST 2020 to register for the event and use the code S20VE for discount