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Winning and losing the business depends on the quality and time taken to deliver what the customer needs.  It is mandatory to make sure that the complications during the development phase are taken care of to ensure error-free and uninterrupted performance. In order to address these complexities, Aspire’s Quality Engineering experts, using their collective years of experience in resolving the software testing challenges of global businesses, have come up with Hyper-Testing. In short, Hyper-Testing can be defined as an iterative method to enable testing at a digital speed by leveraging a set of advanced tools and techniques within shorter timelines while optimizing costs and efforts. These testing services are designed for the Agile and DevOps-driven environment for the best possible customer experience and help in breaking through the barriers experienced with conventional testing. The Agile and the DevOps methodologies led to new development methods adhering to industry standards by expending in accelerating the testing methods. Hyper- Testing helps to boost the ROI (Returns in Investment), by equipping multi-layered testing frameworks that are custom-made tailored solutions for all your testing needs.

Hyper Testing

Why Hyper-Testing?

Conventional manual testing was time-consuming since the product was tested only after the development stages are completed. This testing method proved to be a bottleneck and resulted in a delay in time-to-market with each bug-removal phase and testing and also had lower ROI. Hyper-testing, on the other hand, is a thought process engineered to reduce the time frame from development and production to the market.

As a result, organizations can get ahead of speed, quality, and scale in order to promote rapid innovation as well as an enhanced customer experience. It ensures that various enterprise-level applications function consistently, making them robust and secure in order to deliver the desired performance and expected convergence across a variety of digital programs. It does not stop with that, but also takes up the Continuous Testing/Continuous Integration game to the next level as it embraces converging testing cycles to span across the process by integrating and implementing frameworks and cloud-based testing.

What are the Facets of Hyper-Testing?

Hyper-Testing incorporates 3 key aspects that address cost efficiency and hyper-speed in product development through optimized processes and practices using advanced tools and reusable assets. The following are the various dimensions of automated testing comprising all aspects of enhancing development:

  • Incorporating a solid set of Testing Frameworks and vital tools integrating Cloud-Based Automation and Continuous Testing to sustain the end-to-end product- development- cycle
  • Augmenting testing in every phase of the application and technology stack, to ensure bug-free and uninterrupted performance of the product across various domains and platforms
  • Deploying numerous process methodologies to enhance the digital customer such as
  1. Verify requirements
  2. Validate functional and non-functional end-to-end testing requirements
  3. Validate end-to-end system integration testing
Solutions in the Form of Hyper-Testing

Hyper-Testing transforms testing from a detriment to a catalyst for speed, agility, and business performance in order to bring out the best in Quality Assurance by implementing customized tailored solutions. Being able to achieve faster delivery of products in the market makes your continuous delivery pipeline the most sought-out one. API Automation is the most sought-out method of testing as it is cost-efficient and requires less effort when compared to the conventional testing methods. Hyper-Testing renders access to a broad spectrum of QA Dashboards and metrics to enable informed release decisions, and access to 1000+devices or platforms on the cloud.

Some of the tailor-made testing solutions to undergo Hyper-Testing right from Conceptualization till the product reaches the markets are:

  • Testing Solutions in a Box (TSiB) – TSiB is a suite that encompasses all aspects of testing such as Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Security Testing, Test Consulting, Compatibility Testing and Globalization Testing by being cost-effective, providing lesser defect leakage and better results based on SLA and Co
  • Testing as a Service (TaaS) – TAAS is a cloud-integrated enterprise solution enhancing the testing experience more like a postpaid bill service. It is a pay-per-usage solution without any ownership on the QA team but as a flexible and professional outsourced service. It provides services under Regression Testing, Test Automation, System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Data Warehousing Testing, and Performance Testing and cloud services like API or Web Service Testing, Performance Testing, and Security Testing using as Jenkins, TFS, SOAP UI, Jmeter, and OWSAP ZAP.


The advent of Hyper-Testing is more of a breakthrough by reducing the turnaround time to 40% from the time-consuming conventional methods and slashing CoQ up to 30%. Aspire’s solutions for Hyper-testing and Continuous Delivery provides higher satisfaction with enhanced product delivery in the market, which results in Customer Satisfaction. This is how companies can scale from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering.

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