World’s largest learning company with 40K employees in more than 70+ countries used cloud-based automation testing for an online assessment solution.

The need for cloud services continues to grow at a rapid pace this year too. Gartner predicts that by 2020, the shift to the cloud will have impacted business decisions worth about 1 trillion dollars. The main reason for this increase in growth is because cloud is considered one of the key elements to accelerate software development as it offers several benefits like parallel execution, continuous delivery, reduced infrastructure cost and the most important one being scalability.

As businesses grow, the services and product lines grow too, and development and testing becomes a cumbersome process. This is exactly the problem this learning company faced. They are piled up with various products which are specialized for online schools, students, institutions across the country serving specific needs. For each product, there are around 2000+ test cases to be executed in different environments manually before deploying it into production.

Frequent issues in hotfix testing impacted the regular testing task

The obvious solution for them was to adopt cloud-based test automation because for such a diverse landscape as theirs, cloud computing platforms offer a unified, dynamic and secure testing solution. But since they lacked automation, manual testing of each of their products was time-consuming and product release was delayed tremendously. In this fast moving world, where every product has to hit the market at unprecedented speed, they needed a dynamic and efficient testing process.

AFTA – Improved Customer Value while boosting ROI

AFTA has helped several CIOs deliver timely and quality results, aimed at improving customer value while boosting return on their technology investment. For this company, the test automation was done for 7 desktops and 7 devices using AFTA.

After a detailed analysis of the existing situation and customer of this company’s testing requirements, Aspire’s Quality Engineering Solution Team implemented the robust and solid Automation Framework addressing all the products to meet the customer expectations. Aspire designed a core framework with Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Sauce Labs as the cloud connector. Aspire Systems has effectively reduced the turn-around time to go-to market by 10-15%.

ROI of smoke and regression test suite reaped benefit as the turn-around time to Go market was reduced by 10 – 15%

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