A well-defined and highly efficient web strategy is of paramount importance for any software business. But what is equally important is how it is implemented with Interactive Web Applications so that they are user-friendly and immensely functional.  The intense competition amongst ISVs and increased user expectations have led software vendors to give due importance to the usability and aesthetics of the application.

Though many latest frameworks are available in the market today, AngularJS is one of the JavaScript framework that allows to craft sophisticated and scalable UI with great ease with its structured framework design and a vast collections of UI widgets. The adoption rate of AngularJS by enterprises is also increasing day by day. To be competitive, it is very crucial that the web applications are in par with this trend.

This paper describes in detail the following  AngularJS features:

  • Creation of Single Page Application where multiple views could be loaded in a single page
  • Development of Mobile HTML5 websites and Hybrid Apps
  • Analytics on user behavior and usage pattern using plugins
  • Dynamic Dashboards & Charts/Visualization using rich chart plugins
  • Enablement of UI based multi-tenancy, where same data model which can be presented differently for various tenants
  • High performance by reducing load server and rendering rich UI

Download the whitepaper by clicking here.