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Accelerate Builds at Lesser Cost: A Quick Look at DevOps for Xstore POS

A brief introduction to Oracle Xstore POS  Oracle Retail Xstore is a Point of Service (POS) solution that enables Retailers to provide a unified service to customers by offering them a storewide view of their inventory.…

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3 Good Reasons Why Retailers MUST use Oracle Xstore

Are you an online-only store venturing into the brick-and-mortar world of Philippines? Or the other way round? Or do you just want to know how to win the omnichannel game? Your need to enhance your…

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3 Ways Oracle Retail Omnichannel Suite Guarantees a Personalized Shopping Experience

Online shopping changed forever with the introduction of omnichannel retail solutions. Unlike popular meanings of the term, Forbes describes omnichannel as “a mindset or a belief system that places the consumer at the center of…

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