Are you an online-only store venturing into the brick-and-mortar world of Philippines? Or the other way round? Or do you just want to know how to win the omnichannel game?

Your need to enhance your customers’ physical checkout experience, or introduce a mobile tablet in the store are met by using Retail technology that re-engineer the application infrastructure and data for the cloud. We are going to talk about one such cloud-based omnichannel retail solution that delivers unforgettable cross-channel customer experiences.

Xstore pos by Oracle Retail gives sales associates the power to keep stores functioning at optimal levels. With Xstore, sales associates at retail brands can complete transactions and keep the store functioning on a day-to-day basis through a central web-based dashboard. 

Oracle Retail Xstore not only enhances sales but also keeps track of detailed inventories. What’s more, even though Xstore is a (POS) technology it goes above and beyond to facilitate services like product returns and providing a customer profile database, among others. Retailers who use Oracle Xstore to streamline their operations report significant reduction in costs, improved efficiency, empowered associates, and enhanced customer service. According tothis Bloomberg report, the overall POS market is projected to grow upto $125.9 billion by 2027, up drastically from a mere $69 billion in 2020. Mobile POS is also expected to rise as it grows in popularity among retailers.

Let’s skip to the good part! We give you 3 good reasons why retailers must use Oracle Xstore to reinvent their retail operations. 

Xmobile – POS, storewide

Within the Xstore suite is Oracle’s Xmobile POS extension. Sales associates don’t have to restrict transactions to the checkout counter anymore as they can now perform them storewide. This gives store associates freedom of movement and activity, which then offers customers on-the-go services within the store, like choosing out-of-stock products in one part of the store, and buying it at another area of the store. This can be done right from an Xmobile-enabled device. 

Retailers can offer customers an exciting and personalized shopping journey by utilizing the Xmobile extension for Xstore. Store associates can further guide customers on their loyalty points and can make product suggestions based on their purchase history. Xmobile is created for use on mobile devices and tablets and is available on both Android and iOS. Here is a look at some of the POS’s storewide benefits: 

Powerful Capabilities, Quicker Training

As we mentioned earlier, sales associates are the individuals entrusted with mobile POS devices. Traditionally, training sales associates to use POS applications and technology used to be a long and arduous process. However, Xmobile brings the best of both worlds to the table, by offering powerful retail tech capabilities while also having an easy interface that is easy to understand and use. This translates to quicker training times and more revenues for retailers, with virtually no time lost on training associates with difficult and clunky manuals.

Customer is King

Clienteling is the fine art of building rapport with customers, something that retailers have perfected over the years. Xmobile gives sales associates access to client databases, customer profiles, and purchase histories. With these, it’s easy to assist customers in their loyalty program or clienteling processes, offering guests the very best of the company’s services. Happy customers equals brand loyalty. 

Jumping the Queue 

With the exclusive Faster Checkout option, customers can completely skip long queues to make their purchase faster, for a better shopping experience. What’s more, this ties back to associate-assisted transactions available with Xstore. 

Xstore Mobile POS

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Better, Faster, Stronger

Xstore’s POS broke walls in the POS department, and Xmobile breaks the walls into dust – literally. Without having to be stationed at one location—previously the checkout counter— the POS software can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the store. This enables a faster setup and implementation, without long timelines of the POS of yore. Quicker setup using out-of-the-box technology saves companies precious resources and time, not to mention money. With a win-win situation in the form of mobile POS, Xmobile is the solution to anywhere, anytime POS. 

Xmobile pays for itself

Smart retailers have started taking to mobile POS in droves. Financing POS technology is easy and becoming more accessible as more brands turn to POS integration, which offers a great return on investment. A Forbes  reportfinds that POS lending is steadily growing at a growth compound rate of 20% a year. This growth is attributed to POS spending rising as brands find it a viable and beneficial commerce extension that engages customers and then boost sales. 

Whether a company is migrating their dated POS systems to Xmobile or integrating a POS system for the first time, it is imperative that they first factor in the overall costs involved in the exercise. While robust retail technology isn’t cheap, it pays for itself over time. It may be tempting to quickly implement Xmobile, but foresight goes a long way in improving the output and usage of Xmobile POS. It makes sense for the retailer to assess their long-term goals and expansion capabilities for the next five years. 

This is where  Aspire Systemscan help. We help retailers assess their long-term needs in order to empower their store associates around the world with the ability to manage POS through Xstore by Oracle Retail. 

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