IHL research and advisory firm recently named Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service offering—the top overall provider for both types of retailers (hard good and soft goods).

Modern and flexible, Xstore POS has the features that makes the modern day retailers’ day to day business activity easier and more efficient. Xstore POS offers comprehensive transaction sets which support all the customer transactions including sales, returns, work orders, warranties and more. The POS suite by Oracle comes with a back office suite that is provided as a part of point of service system which means no extra spending on license or separate infrastructure. The POS suite also has mobile POS and Xstrore office.  The suit has a host of out of the box features, which helps in cutting down cost of customization as well.

Why move to V16?

Whether you have been using Xstore MOM suite or some other POS, moving to the new version of Xstore can be a good business choice for you. Along with all the pre-existing benefits of the Oracle suite, the new version comes with enhanced features such as smart cash management, rolling close concept applied to cash registers, faster real time promotions with real time promotional cache refresh, Xstore punch out, which is a framework to support third party mobile applications linking it to the stores etc. to enhance the business.

Migrate faster with the right integration solution

Implementing a POS system is a very business critical application. Not only does it cause downtime but also the transformation of huge amount of existing data to be suitable for the new system. The challenging part is to mitigate risk, ensure less downtime and better return on investment while migrating to the new POS. A predefined, flexible accelerator will get your business up and running fast with reduced implementation risk, defined outcome and lower overall total cost of implementation.

The right integration solution provides the following:

Configure: Customize and configure the POS solution in time and according to business needs.

Integrate: Provides seamless integration with your other business modules.

Migrate: Migrate all existing data in the older system to the new one.

Test: Provides automated testing for lesser human error and lesser time for successful implementation.

Introducing X-integrator

Aspire’s integration solution “X-integrator” bridges the gap between the older Oracle MOM module and the latest xStore POS system. This is a scalable, tailored solution based on the Oracle unified methodology that is best suited for the retail business. This integration solution plays a major role in different aspects of the implementation. It’s a pre-built solution that works with your existing mPOS suite and the new Oracle V16 suite with reduced overall implementation time (development & testing). The X-integrator is built on the existing architecture of Oracle solutions to make the post production support simple.



  1. Reduces data transformation efforts by 40%
  2. Reduces integration efforts by 80%
  3. Testing efforts reduction, with many test cases performed before.
  4. Prebuilt implementation test cases and templates
  5. Feature test automation by 80%
  6. 3 month rapid implementation
  7. Covers all the out of the box integrations between MOM and POS to avoid any custom integrations during implementation
  8. The solution can be expanded for any custom integrations developed between POS and MOM
  9. The solution is in line with the version 16 of MOM hence is advantageous when the customer wants to migrate to MOM version 16

Why Aspire?

  • Aspire’s USPs
  • Oracle gold partner
  • Faster integration
  • Faster, automated testing
  • Process accelerators
  • Configurable products
  • Vanilla implementation goes live within 5 months


As an experienced Oracle partner, Aspire has garnered vast knowledge about implementation in different retail sectors and uses this knowledge to help businesses benefit from the implementations. Our X-integrator saves you time, cost and energy while implementing POS. As an implementation partner Aspire’s  offerings also include project phases accelerators with standard questionnaires that make the inception stage easier and less time consuming.

Our other accelerators include pre-defined templates, centralized repository of customizations, pre-built tools and testing framework, all developed keeping in mind the need for faster implementation needs. Adding to that we have 100+ reusable enhancements on POS, some of the enhancements we did include are integration with 3rd party vendors, payment mPOS, wallet integration and pay by face (facial recognition payment system). To top it all is our highly trained, Oracle certified professionals with their extensive implementation experience to ensure the insights and on time assistance that is crucial for an effective implementation.