According to a research by IHL Group, in the next few years, traditional POS will be replaced by tablets among smaller retail chains.

It’s understood from the stats that Mobile POS are increasingly replacing traditional POS machines. Demanding customer expectations has raised the technological standards at retail shops. Emerging futuristic technologies promise a satisfying customer journey. Many solutions have evolved over the years to prove itself as the leading in-store technology that enables frictionless payments. But Oracle Xstore tops them all! Much more than a traditional point-of-sale solution, Oracle Retail Xstore Mobile Point of Service allows retailers to provide excellent services that will retain customer loyalty.

The new Mobile POS aka MPOS is robust, flexible and much faster and flexible compared to the traditional POS machines. Why should you upgrade to Oracle Xstore Mobile Point of Service V17? Here are some reasons why!

Enhanced Customer Experience

For customers, the major trouble of standing in long queues at the billing counter to pay is now eliminated. Customers can easily scan the items they want to purchase at the respective aisle and the items will be added to their bill. It saves a lot of time running back and forth from the aisle to the register. With just a few clicks on their palm device, the store associate will attend to the customer and provide all the information they require about the product. Once the purchase is over, payment can be made without having to wait in long queues. In addition, the customer details will also to be available in the Mobile POS. Customers can now easily access and modify their information and the cart details during their shopping journey.


Empowered Store Employees

The Oracle Retail Xstore Mobile Point of Service does away with the traditional way of attending to customers from behind the counter. Employees can now attend to their customer’s needs from where they are in the store. With the new Xstore V17 MPOS, store employees are authorized to check the inventory and other details from anywhere inside the store. Consider the scenario where a customer wants a particular item that is not on the shelf or the customer is in need of the same item with different features. The customer can easily call the store associate for help. The empowered store associate, with just the device (mobile/tablet) in his/her hand, can easily access the inventory and other pricing details and share the appropriate update with the customer.

Xstore MPOS also allows the store employee to perform certain kinds of special transactions. Suppose the item the customer is looking for is out of stock, the store associate can place the order for the customer. Once the purchase is made, a Send Sale Transaction is created by the employee where a customer specified address is given as the delivery location. Layaway accounts can also be created to allow the customer to pay for the item in instalments.

Offers and discounts tempt customers to buy more and stock up. With the new MPOS, store employees are entitled to add discounts to items applicable which will persuade the customers to buy more.

Some of the other key features added in the latest version includes:

Customer Search by
1) Loyalty
2) Customer
Customer details can be easily obtained by keying in the customer details or by looking in the respective loyalty programs
Related Item SearchInformation about items related to the selected item
Product AttributesFeatures of the product
Gift Certificate Balance EnquiryCheck the amount remaining on a customer’s store credit voucher, gift card or gift certificate, and an item’s price from a gift receipt
Add Non-merchandise Items to a SaleNon-merchandise items to a sale, such
as gift cards, item alterations, or having an item gift wrapped
Send Sale TransactionPlace an order and have the item delivered to the customer's location
Layaway TransactionAn item is reserved for the customer while he/she pays for it in installments
Special OrdersOrders placed when an item is not available in the store
Work Order TransactionLabor services such as repairs and alterations

Oracle Xstore V17 MPOS has new features in almost every function of the retail business that no retailer would want to miss. The new Xstore MPOS V17 will provide exhilarating customer shopping experience and also boost the sales. Achieve business augmentation by upgrading to Oracle Xstore MPOS V17.