We have seen in our first two blogs, Top 9 necessary optimizations for your Ecommerce Audit – Part 1, Part 2 the first and second phase of engaging customers and providing them the best experience in an ecommerce website. This final blog will cover the final set of optimization required to convert a visitor to a customer.


“One size fits all” approach is a myth. Retailers must focus on creating personalized online shopping experiences to fit the unique expectations of each customer. This is to make the customers feel special and welcome.

Sending Email used to be one of the most common forms of personalization. But latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning have opened up a whole world of possibilities for creating personalized user experiences. Ecommerce personalization not only improves the conversion rate but also customer loyalty.

Ecommerce UX Audit Personalization


Reviews & Ratings:

Ecommerce landscape is continually changing. One of the changes in the recent years has been the proliferation of online reviews and ratings. Seeking out online reviews has become an integral part of a complete shopping journey, which every online retailer needs to be thinking about them. Crowd behavior has a huge influence on a customer.

In addition to providing unbiased information, reviews provide third-party insights on the quality and the experience the product provides. Genuine, positive reviews will improve customers’ trust and persuade them to purchase the product.

Ecommerce UX Audit reviews


Checkout and Order Confirmation:

Aesthetic homepage, seamless navigation, unambiguous product details have persuaded the visitor to add items to the cart. Now we’ve almost converted a visitor to a customer. Just almost! Checkout and Order Confirmation pages play a crucial role in the process. One of the goals of the retailer is to make the checkout process as streamlined as possible. It is important to enable transaction completion in as few steps as possible.

Making customers fill lengthy forms, asking irrelevant questions will simply put them off. And puff! You’ve lost a customer! Keep it simple and ask for only the basic details required to complete the transaction.

Now, credit cards are not the only acceptable form of payment!  Retailers must ensure that alternative payment methods are available for digital purchase. For example, many European customers prefer real-time bank transfers using their online bank accounts. Whereas in China, the two most popular payment methods are Alipay and UnionPay.

Ecommerce UX Audit checkout and order confirmation

It’s understood from the above information that user experience plays a key role in measuring the success of any ecommerce business. An intelligently designed website provides the ideal user experience for the customer. Experts at Aspire will do a thorough audit of your existing website phase by phase. Each phase of the audit is orchestrated to include every minuscule aspect of the website.  Our skilled resources will provide a detailed report on the existing UX strategy, engineer information architecture and also analyze the content and design that goes on the website. Following which, a team of industry players provides solutions and the website is recreated by professional creative workforce for better user experience.

The whole process, as we call it, UX Re-engineering, will provide your ecommerce website a whole other level of aesthetic & seamless user experience.