The Temenos MarketPlace offers banks access to some of the best global Fintech solutions at the click of a button.  It is in this MarketPlace Community that solutions are discovered and experienced for progressive banks. As a Temenos specialist partner and having won the “Regional Partner of the Year” award for 2018, Aspire Systems is at the heart of digital banking strategies that would accelerate deeper engagements in this Community. To this end, we’ve launched the Fintech Marketplace series, interviewing innovative Fintechs from the Temenos MarketPlace.

Our first theme “Customer Onboarding” has been a challenging one for banks of late and to make it interesting, we’ve added key dimensions of Authentication and Security to this expert talk. Our first interview is with Deepak Panigrahy, CEO of EZMCOM on the state of Authentic Security in Customer Onboarding. EZMCOM, through its Digital Security, Risk and Fraud platform assists banks in supporting the complete lifecycle of a user onboarding through authentication and regulation.

This interview comes at a time when banks are mainly pushing their products ahead with short shrift given to regulatory compliance and risk management according to a study by Celent.


There is an increasing demand for remote onboarding services but can banks carry out remote onboarding checks with the convenience that today’s customer demands? Thanks to innovative solutions brought out by companies like EZMCOM, complex compliance, authentication and security challenges are addressed to meet rising customer expectations. Deepak shares insights to transform the security in customer onboarding programs for banks through continuous authentication. He addresses the following questions through:

  • Given the negative impact of around 400$ for an attrited customer according to The Financial Brand, what do you think is lacking in the current customer onboarding ecosystem?
  • In the recent Security Breach when two Canadian banks were hacked and 90000 customers’ data was stolen, how would EZMCOM have solved this problem?
  • What elements would constitute a successful onboarding program in your view? How has security-based authentication evolved over time?
  • What are your views in building a robust and secure customer profile in this dynamic age?
  • What role should security and governance play while onboarding and how can banks support this agenda while meeting customers’ hyper-personalization attributes?
  • How does EZMCOM support the Temenos digital banking ecosystem?

Deepak speaks extensively on his pet subject and beautifully describes the evolution of the onboarding ecosystem with a pressing need for a multi-layered, intelligent and hassle-free security layer to build and sustain trust in digital identities. It’s a time when banks need to accelerate average onboarding as The Financial Brand states that customers abandon up to 90% of new account applications to frustrate customers. Having continuous authentication as a brand promise with multiple-levels of security would build this frictionless experience that customers so desire today. Do join us for an exciting full interview here